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Python is a universal language that is widely used around the world for a variety of purposes – databases and word processing, embedding interpreters in games, GUI programming, rapid prototyping (RAD) of programming Internet and Web applications – server (CGI), client (work), Web servers and application servers.

The professional writers of the best online resume writing service ResumeWritingService.net indicate that among the advantages of the Python language are the portability of written programs to computers of different architectures and with different operating systems, the conciseness of writing algorithms, the ability to obtain efficient program code in terms of execution speed. The convenience of Python is based on the fact that it is a high-level language, has a set of structural programming constructs, and supports modularity. The flexibility and versatility of the Python language ensure its widespread use.

If you have mastered Python, then you can definitely get a good job, in particular, to become a programmer. Programmer – a specialist who writes and corrects programs for computers (any computing devices). The breadth of the subject area and the quality of skills for each programmer are individual. Therefore, your activity may differ significantly from your professional choice. We will talk about this in more detail below.

Jobs for the Programmer

If you have skills in working with a programming language and want to work as a programmer, then pay attention to the following categories:

  • An application programmer creates programs that are designed to solve an application problem that meets the needs of the end-user;
    System programmers make programs to ensure the operation of the operating system, interfaces to distributed databases, network programming;
  • A web programmer deals with global networks create web interfaces to databases, dynamic web pages, and more;
  • The work of a database programmer is usually associated with any accounting system and requires diligence, attention. The database programmer has almost no element of creativity;
  • Script programmers are highly specialized groups with their own specifics, programming language, which strongly distinguishes them from other application programmers, but their field of activity is the same.

Pick the area you like the most, then start creating your resumes and choosing an employer. A good resume and cover letter will definitely help you to receive a good and prospective job. The main thing is to correctly describe your work experience, knowledge, and skills.

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