A new year is like a blank new page in the book of your life, which inspires you to write new success stories that bring about positive changes in your life. Besides setting out resolutions, a new year also presents a great opportunity to give your home a fresh new look. Whether you want to re-paint the walls, add new accessories, make the house cozy, or go minimal, this is the right time to make those adjustments. This piece offers some of the greatest tips to the people who are looking for simple ideas to update their homes, featuring some popular current design trends of 2019.

Large, Contemporary Mirror

Mirrors are a great and an easy way to update a home. They complete the missing element in a room and give an uptick to the overall ambiance. There are so many interesting shapes of mirrors available in the market, with the geometry shapes being the most popular these days. A geometrical shape mirror can create a focal point in the room, for example if you install a circular-shaped mirror in your living room, it will act as the central point and will add some sleek design to the space. All large mirrors do the same job, and they are a great choice for small or clustered spaces, as they make the room appear big and open up the space. Mirrors are an easy accessory to hang or place, and they make any space look more modernised.

Update with New Furniture

If you want to revamp the look of your room, then the simplest way of doing that is changing the furniture. Getting new furniture in your home will not only give it a fresh and updated look but will also add a new style to your space. Large pieces of furniture have their own focal points, but their size is at your discretion and the available space in your room. If you want to give the room a contemporary look, then we suggest you to add sleek furniture pieces that forgo the traditional style of sofa and chair that we have witnessed in every other house. Go for furniture that gives an innovative and modernised look. Sofas slightly opened from the back, are one great choice of contemporary furniture, and they also add geometry in the room.

If you are on a tight budget and are not looking for anything expensive, then not to worry. There are several understated contemporary ways of updating your furniture, like using neutral colours in your upholstery or adding bright-coloured single accent pieces.

Refresh Your Rooms With Paint

A simple and cheap way of updating your home is repainting. Pick up any colour of your choice and give your washed-out and dull walls a great new look. Painting is said to be the one of the easiest DIY home-improvement updates that can reconstruct the entire look of your home. Hiring a professional to paint your house can be quite expensive, but it’s a job that you can easily do yourself. You don’t have to be an expert to do an amazing paint job, but that also doesn’t mean you just take a brush and start slathering the walls. We recommend to watch tutorials online, and learn how to paint walls step by step.

Geometric Light Fixtures

Another great and easy way of updating your home is to invest in some lighting fixtures. Modernised and baroque lighting fixtures can breathe life into any space, and are a great way of setting a tone for an updated look. The best part about lighting fixtures is that they are easy to replace, but they make it look like you have done some great amount of hardware improvements in your room. The most popular ones this New Year are sleek metal pieces, industrial pieces, retro sunburst designs, and geometric pieces. A sleek caged design or industrial-style exposed bulbs add quite some style to your room and are an eye-catcher.

Change the Wall Art

If you are looking for an idea that is not too exorbitant, then simply change your wall art. This is a subtle way of giving your home an updated look, and similar to large furniture and mirrors, large wall art pieces also act as a focal point, setting a new tone for your room. Our recommendation is to go for the abstract art because it adds more colour to your space and serves as a design purpose, thus making your room interesting. Abstract art rose in the mid-20th century that is why most of the pieces that you find have a mid-century style. This does not mean it’s outdated, but in fact, abstract art is known to surpass the time gap with its colour, design and emotion. Geometry-shaped abstract art is one popular choice. If you want something unique then you can also go for acrylic photo prints from Bumblejax.com, or look for more interesting art pieces on the internet.

Combine Neutrals

Neutral tones are the new trend this year, and a great choice for a simple home upgrade. These work best for contemporary spaces, as they give a more open look and add a composed tone to your room that won’t run out of style in many coming years. A white neutral palette works equally best in both traditional and modern settings. If you want to add some other colour with it, then we suggest you to choose something from a grey or beige palette. For making the space cosy, a Mauve Neutral palate is a great choice. When combining neutrals, you can either update everything from paint to rugs and cushions, or start with few things at a time.

Make Shade and Add Privacy With Interior Shutters

Are you tired of constant sunlight streaming, or do your neighbours peek too much into your living room? The solution is simple, install some shades on your windows and avoid sunlight or prying eyes whenever you want. Shutters add style and architecture to your home, and are a simple update that you can make any time. They are also great for keeping out chilly winds in winters or scorching heat in summers. Window shutters are always a safe and beautiful choice for any window. Great thing about interior shutters is that they are very easy to instal, and just take few minutes to set up.

Rearrange The Furniture

If you don’t want to add new things to your home, or if you are on a tight budget, then one simple way of giving your home an updated look is by rearranging the furniture. This shift and movement of furniture will give your space a fresh and new look, and you won’t be bored of being in the same setting for too long. Make sure to arrange your furniture in a manner that the place doesn’t look clustered and has enough space for you to move around. Moreover, every room’s setting should have a purpose.

These are some of the simple tips that you can use to update your home this year. If one tip doesn’t work for you, try another one until you get the desired results.