The number of YouTube views has exponentially increased in recent years. Today, studies show that there are at least 22 billion visits on YouTube each month. This makes the platform the second largest search engine on the internet. With such traffic, YouTube has become the perfect ground for marketers, with all manner of promotional videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute.

YouTube views have become scarce, with everyone doing whatever they can to get views for their videos. But what else would one expect after posting a video on his YouTube channel other than views? The stiff competition for YouTube views has made it literally difficult for one to get views. This post provides some tips that you can deploy to get more views on YouTube.

1. Research on what your existing audience wants

It is one thing to create amazing content and post it to your channel and another to post what your audience actually wants. As a YouTube marketer, you must first get an understanding of what your audience wants, then develop content around their interest. Remember, the videos you post aren’t meant for you, but the viewers.

Getting the ideas on what your subscribers and viewers want isn’t so hard. The first way to get such ideas is to read their comments. Most viewers express themselves via comments and say how they would have wished the videos to be. This can provide you with a hint on how to create the next video, and the issues it needs to address.

You can also engage with them directly by asking for their views regarding the next video. Here, there is a possibility that most respondents will actually want you to create a video that addresses the issues they are facing.

The secret of creating video content based on the needs of the viewers is that it helps create viewer loyalty. You will notice that most of the viewers will be coming back from time to time to watch your new videos, or even to watch those they have already watched before.

2. Utilize SEO to get organic views

YouTube has algorithms that mandated to showcase the best and most relevant videos to users. The algorithms are guided by several factors such as the use of keywords, length of short and clear titles, and so on. YouTube search is the leading source of YouTube views for all videos on the platform. And this comes organically, without you having to pay or bribe anyone around.

If you are just starting, however, focusing on SEO as your main source of views can prove difficult. This is because SEO takes time to work, and the SEO factors must work together to rank higher. YouTube view is a factor that the YouTube algorithm will have to consider in determining the relevancy of your video. The best way to achieve a high amount of views is to buy them from social media marketing marketplace Such a method help to boost your video views in an organic way.

3. Encourage your current viewers to subscribe

Asking your existing viewers to subscribe to your channel is a great way to get constant views for your future content. The idea here is, if they find your current content worthy watching, then they should also expect more in the future. Once they subscribe, they will have the option of being notified when you post new videos in the future. This will then guarantee your views for videos that you will upload. But people don’t just subscribe to a channel. You can have something like “Please Subscribe” as your call-to-action.

4. Focus on one niche

To some, focusing on one niche when it comes to video marketing is to limit yourself. They’d rather post videos in as many niches as they can so that they can get views from all those niches. Guess what? This is the worst video marketing strategy ever.

If you want to get more views, then don’t try to create content for everyone. Remember that it counts more when you get valuable repeat views from loyal followers than a thousand views that will never come again. When you focus on one niche, you can have loyalists, people who will always want to watch your next video. These are people who are working in the same niche that you are creating content in, and thus they find your videos to be more meaningful to their work. These viewers can even be converted to customers, and you will be able to sell them things like e-books and make some more cash.

5. Have thumbnail images for your videos

When people go online, they don’t read, they scan. People will always scan a list of videos before settling on one. This means that for your video to be lucky to be clicked and viewed, then it must have a compelling thumbnail image.

When you post a video on YouTube, you will always see auto-generated thumbnail images. Well, you can use these images for your videos. But creating a custom thumbnail image is more efficient in capturing people’s eyes as they scan through a list of videos.

6. Use guest YouTubers

In content marketing, we always talk of guest posting where we post on other people’s blogs that have high authority. This same thing happens in video marketing. Guest YouTubers are a great way to get views for your videos. When you post a video of an influencer, who is well-known by most viewers on YouTube, then you can be sure to create credibility, and more people will start trusting your channel. This way, you will be able to get more subscribers and views.

Another way to guest-YouTube is to offer a link in your video description to their channels or websites. You can then ask them also to reciprocate and provide a link on their channels pointing to your channel. There is a lot that you will be able to benefit from this kind of reciprocal relationship.