The Cable News Network popularly known as CNN has ruled the news world as the most iconic and reliable news station for decades. Whether you are at your office desk, home, or at a travel station for a holiday, it has always kept you updated about the latest happenings. CNN has been leading the field of news for many years and it is so for all the right reasons. Two of the major reasons for its popularity are; factually correct information and its availability over multiple platforms.

If you want CNN news updates and are exploring options where you can do so, you have landed at the right place. Let’s have a look at all the options that you have today.

CNN News Channel

The most common option for the latest CNN updates is the CNN channel that we all have on our TVs. You can subscribe to the channel through your cable operator and watch the news channel for as long as you wish. You can stay updated about the latest happenings around the globe through the news bulletins that the channels broadcast every hour or enjoy deeper insights through the numerous talk shows that the channel hosts.

CNNgo For CNN Live Streaming

The channel is an American-based forum but has now extended its streaming opportunities across the globe. Considering the growing popularity of online news streaming, CNN did not stay behind and it has also jumped on the bandwagon. The extended features of CNN include CNN international and CNNgo. CNNgo is the live streaming forum of CNN, introduced on 30 September 2014. The comprehensive part allows users to watch live videos, shows, episodes, and news clips from The individual can access the live stream only if they subscribe to it, that is, pay for the service.

Online News Platform

If you don’t want to subscribe to the CNN channel on your TV set or the CNNgo, you can still stay updated. There are various options for live streaming of CNN on the internet today. There are many online news platforms where you can watch CNN live. Although verifying the authenticity of online news platforms comes as a challenge, once you are through it, you can enjoy the latest CNN updates on your mobile phone anytime anywhere. If you are lucky enough, you may even find a free online news platform that offers free live CNN streams.

Social Media Platforms

Another popular option when it comes to watching CNN live streams is social media. Social media platforms like Facebook offer the viewers a reliable platform to stay updated about what is going on in the world. As far as CNN updates are concerned, there is an absolute chance that if you are an avid user of social media, you will get CNN news updates on the go. CNN has official social media representation that ensures that people around the world can stay updated about all the news that CNN airs on its channels.

Online Discussion Forums

Another great option to get the latest CNN news updates is to join an online discussion forum. There are plenty of platforms that are dedicated to news discussions. Looking for a forum where people share and discuss CNN news might be the first barrier in your way but it isn’t impossible.

Once you find a forum that you are sure you can trust, you can become a member and turn the notifications on. So, whenever there is a new piece of news on CNN, any of the members on the forum will share the link that you can access and enjoy the latest CNN news.

CNN is, without any arguments, one of the most reliable and trustworthy news sources around the world. Many people only rely on CNN to stay updated about all that is occurring in different parts of the world. It offers factually correct, unbiased news that the viewers can trust blindly.

While there was a time when the only way one could watch the latest CNN updates on the TV, things have literally turned by 180 degrees. There are so many options available today that allow the viewers to stay updated with the latest CNN news. If you wish to stay on top of news updates, pick an option that suits you best!