There is no dispute over the fact that SEO is a mandatory requirement to gain visibility in the online world. For any business to grow and succeed, it must be ranked high in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). The SEO services in India help businesses build a reputation, gain quality backlinks, and develop brand awareness, which are all the essential aspects to get noticed by search engine algorithms and get a good ranking.

There are hundreds of SEO agencies, which fall under two broad categories:

  • General SEO agency that caters to the requirements of any business
  • A specialist SEO agency that has expertise in one or a few specific niches

This article discusses the pros & cons of a niche SEO company.

Pros of Niche SEO Agency

When you are working as a niche SEO agency you do not have many choices of selecting your clients as you are already focusing on one particular niche, but working in one direction or on a particular niche can make you an expert in that particular area and also It gives you the clarity and focus, that helps in making it easier for you to grow and scale your business in your field.

The pros of a niche SEO agency are discussed below:

  • In-Depth Knowledge and Expertise: As they are focused on a particular niche, they have detailed knowledge about that industry. They have the right tools to get the exact data that is required and the right resources to do analysis specific to that particular niche. This expertise and knowledge help in gaining an edge over competitors.
  • Well-Versed to Write the Right Content: Content plays a vital role in the SEO business. Though the content writers can produce any content, when you have writers who have all the relevant knowledge about a particular industry, the content they create is phenomenal. They can connect better with the audience as they convey ideas in the language that is industry-specific and hence more appealing to the audience.
  • Focused on Targeting Helps in Improving Customer Retention: Along with gaining more customers, SEO also targets to retain the existing ones. This exercise becomes a tad simpler if you know the ins and outs of your field. Focused targeting makes it easier to plan and execute a strategy than having one for a broad audience.
  • Less Competition: As you know being in this competitive field of SEO you are going to compete against numbers of SEO companies out there. And of course around your region too, but if your clients are focused on specific needs and area then you will compete against those agencies only which are focused on the particular niche and region or area.
  • Brand Loyalty: When you have less competition in your field of niche then the audiences are more likely to choose a brand that offers the products or services they are searching for and they stick with that brand, It all depends on how much a great experience the audience have or had with that brand. This encourages brand loyalty, ensuring audiences will continue to come back time and time again after searching through mainstream agencies and general products having found a relevant service.

Cons of Niche SEO

There are some Cons of Niche SEO as being expert in one particular niche you do not get exposure to other campaigns of a different area of SEO. This is the cons of SEO that working in the same niche regularly means you are not learning about what works for SEO as a whole, which can present problems in the grand scheme of things.

The downsides of niche SEO are listed here:

  • The Tunnel Vision: As you are focussed only on particular areas, you develop a tunnel vision. Your near-sightedness prevents you from seeing what is happening overall in SEO, which could pose problems. As you won’t have experience in multiple niches, you will become limited and won’t be considered a candidate for creating robust campaigns.
  • Limited Market and Competition: When you focus on a particular niche, you have limited competition and a limited market. It can lead to limited challenges, and thus your creativity can get hampered. Working with too many competitors requires you to think out of the box and bring your best effort, which doesn’t let your skills get faded or rusted. You might be working in a highly competitive niche that requires you to deliver your best effort and will challenge you to make your skills strong and working. Being in niche marketing which can be limited, rigid, and too defined, which can affect how many opportunities there are for businesses to grow. With a limited market, you don’t have scope for expansion unless you try to venture into multiple niches.

If you are trying to establish yourself as SEO services in India in a particular niche, you need to understand these pros and cons. You should take an informed decision after weighing both of these. On a brighter side, working in a particular niche will make you a valuable resource for that niche. You will have to keep updating yourself with the latest tools and techniques specific to that specific niche, which is more comfortable than working in all domains.

However, if you choose a broader niche, say legal marketing or automotive sector, then you won’t experience the cons that we discussed above. You will find many companies vying for attention in these fields and to be the best among the lot you will always have to be on your toes updating yourself on the latest happenings in the circuit.

Whether you choose to take the general approach or become a specialist in a particular niche, the key to success will lie in delivering results. And, for that, you will have to gain more knowledge and expertise and keep yourself and your team aware of the latest happenings. It’s your knowledge, expertise, the capability to come up with innovative solutions thinking out of the box, and using the right tools and techniques that will help you make your mark.

Author Bio: Ipshita Is a Digital Marketing Expert and Works For a reputed digital marketing agency in India. She Loves To Write About Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Designing And Blogging.

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