The current pandemic is a period of crisis for people around the world. Everyone has to do their best to live as well as possible during the crisis itself, and afterward. This can seem like a difficult task, especially for people whose livelihood is threatened.

If this applies to you, there are things that you can do to give yourself the best chance of securing a career going forward. One of the most important things to do is develop valuable skills that you will need. This is an excellent use of any extra time that you have. Here are five top skills to concentrate on that will continue to be in high demand.

Being adaptable and flexible

Now that ways of working have likely changed for good, you must be able to display the ability to be flexible and accepting of the change. You may think that this is not something you can learn. However, even the adaptation you are already making has given you some experience. You can also take time to make use of online advice and get a better understanding of how to be flexible.

Being able to create and innovate

The entire community has had to be more innovative during the pandemic to develop new ways of working. As we continue to have to deal with Covid-19, we need to continue being creative about the way we live and work. The best way to develop your innovation skills is to pay attention to what some of the most creative entrepreneurs do. This includes not discounting any ideas until you have examined them fully and continuing to expand your overall knowledge on an ongoing basis.

Improving data literacy

Data was big news before the pandemic, and it continues to be. Companies have access to large amounts of data that gives them access to the insights they need to survive and grow in a competitive environment. This is more important than ever in the current situation. It’s not enough for companies to have the data, though. They also need to have people who can interpret the data and use it to provide valuable advice to the organization. This is why data literacy and interpretation skills are important to have.

Having the ability to think critically

We are all used to seeing fake news. It can be extremely damaging to companies that are unable to understand which information they can trust. If you develop your critical thinking skills, you can prove yourself to be a valuable asset. This makes it more likely that you will be able to develop your career going forward.

Having coding and digital skills

The pandemic has led to an increase in the use of technology across all businesses. This has, in turn, increased the need for people who have excellent technical and digital skills such as coding and web development. For this reason, if you have time to spare right now, it makes sense to develop skills in this area.

These skills are all likely to continue to be important as the pandemic fades. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend your time improving your abilities in these areas.