‘Top of the shop, Blind 90!’, ‘Knock at the door, Number 4!’. ‘Torquay and Devon, Number 87!’. Bingo – a timeless game graced with a certain character that you just don’t get with other games. It offers charm, laughs, excitement, and edge-of-the-seat action.

Possibly every of-age British person has played Bingo once in their lives. The cheesy nicknames for the numbers, the excitement of needing just one number, the social aspect, all play a part in the whole experience of Bingo.

Let’s not forget the difference between UK Bingo and US Bingo. UK Bingo has 90 numbered balls and, in the US, they play using 75 numbered balls.

Bingo has been part of British culture for many years. It is thought that the game has Italian roots dating back to 1530, eventually making its way to Great Britain in the 18th century. Bingo really became popular following the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960, this is when we saw purpose-built Bingo halls being erected and players were legally allowed to play games of skill for small sums of money. Since the ’60s, we have had a gradual increase in the Jackpots on offer, with peaks in the ’90s and early 2000s.

Bingo Jackpots vary in size, but these days with the online market, they are bigger than ever. Bingo is still available in thousands of establishments as well as online. We see Bingo in Bingo Halls, Social Clubs, and even some casinos. Everybody wants to know how to win at bingo, and some have proved more successful than others. We are going to look at some of the UK’s biggest success stories of this classic game.

  1. Soraya Lowell, Lanarkshire, £1.2 Million
    In 2008, Soraya was playing at her local Club3000 Bingo Hall in Lanarkshire when she landed the jackpot of £1.2 million. The win obviously came as a massive shock, but she wasn’t alone. Soraya actually split the money with her 68-year-old neighbor as that was always their agreement. It is unknown if the cleaner ever went back to work, but I think it’s safe to say she took a nice holiday.
  2. John Orchard, Lincolnshire, £5.9 Million
    John scooped the massive jackpot in 2012 and his life was to change forever. The 60-year-old immediately retired from his JobCentre job and planned a trip to Canada to visit family. Mr.Orchard won the Jackpot after only recently signing up to the Butlers Bingo website. He was playing for just 30p when he landed the Jackpot.
  3. Anita Campbell, County Durham, £1.15 Million
    Possibly the luckiest Bingo player of all time! Anita Campbell set up her Mecca Bingo account and then within only a few hours, she won a life-changing £592,000! This was truly a blessing as the struggling mother of four had been surviving on Universal Credit. If this wasn’t enough, merely 10 days later, she was celebrating another jackpot win of £552,000, taking her to a total of £1.15 Million. What are the odds!
  1. Lisa Potter, Oxfordshire, £1.3 Million
    Lisa won her jackpot through Ladbrokes online Bingo. The 33-year-old was just killing time when she decided to try bingo for a mere £5 stake. Her husband was preoccupied with a football match, but his attention was soon off the game when she announced her win of £1.3 Million.
    Lisa was a former single mother and her partner had been working as many hours as possible to provide for them. This jackpot came as a just reward for the family who can now learn to relax a little and enjoy life a bit more.

So, What Does the Future Look Like for UK Online Bingo?

It is true that Jackpots have been increasing, however, what we see with Bingo is relatively small prizes, but more of them. Compared to video slots where they might have 1 x £10 Million winners, Bingo would have 10 x £1 Million winners. This trend looks to continue as it is seen as the nature of Bingo. Also, it makes sense due to the nature of the game, every day, there are more players of one game of bingo than who would play a video slots feature.

Bingo is a popular game in the UK, so knowing where to play can be difficult due to the sheer amount of choice at your fingertips. If you love playing bingo and want to know where to play or be a part of some of the UK’s biggest online bingo communities, there are tons of UK bingo resources you can take advantage of. These will show you the best UK bingo sites, which sites offer the best bonuses, and generally, just provide guides and information. WhichBingo is one great resource but there are many more. You will find a list of the UK’s best bingo sites, which have won awards, and which offer the best bingo offers. You will also learn of the latest bingo & slots sites to hit the market!

What About the Local Bingo Scene?

Since 2005, the number of Bingo Halls has been on the decline. There are a few reasons for this, but mainly because the demographic trend for this game is toward an older population, so naturally there will be fewer players year on year. Younger players are much likely to play online Bingo as it is more suited to their culture. When you add into these increasing overheads like rental prices and staff wages, it seems to make business sense to head towards an online structure.

So, naturally, we are starting to see fewer Bingo Halls and more Online Bingo platforms.

This doesn’t mean that Bingo is on the decline – far from it. But it does mean that Bingo is definitely heading in a different direction. As the world is becoming more digital, businesses have to adapt or face the potential threat of extinction, and that is what Bingo is doing. Where a city used to have 10 Bingo establishments before, it will more than likely just have one or perhaps two. This is good for players both young and old as it allows younger people the opportunity to experience the real heritage of the game, and older people will not lose what they have always known – an experience that you just don’t get with online Bingo.