Leaving personal things in a casket isn’t new. People have been doing it for centuries now since it’s a funeral ritual helping with grief. People used to bury their loved ones with the things that they used in life ever since ancient Egypt. Jewelry and weapons were quite common choices.

Flags, flowers, various religious symbols, and even bibles may be placed over a casket. However, many mourners find it challenging to decide on the things they can put on someone’s coffin

Is it ok to bury personal items?

Burying personal items is seen as a coping mechanism for grief. When you’re placing the precious things in a casket, there are many emotions involved in the process. You may find coffins with individual drawers that let you leave various mementos into the coffin. The drawers are placed in the side panels/the lid so that you may place multiple items. They’re subtle and cannot be spotted unless you’re looking carefully.

What can you put in a casket?

Many people like to place things that were special to the deceased in the casket. The items may be unique to the family, things reflecting their personalities. No matter the choices, the mere fact of placing the articles can help with grief.

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Here are some of the things you can place in a casket:

  • Family photos

They may be the most common thing set in a coffin. Graduation photos, wedding photos, family portraits, and any other pictures reflecting someone’s life can be used. You can use photos with or without frames. They may both work.

  • Books

Whether it’s diaries, religious texts, and memoirs are also typical for placing in caskets. They don’t impact the environment and mean a lot for both the deceased and the family members.

  • Valuable items

Regardless of what you may think, burying someone with jewelry, and even cash is even more common than you’d think. Family heirlooms and items with various values are also found on the caskets.

  • Flowers

Along with the photos, they’re the most common choices to place in caskets. You may place flowers inside the coffin or over the coffin, for the burial service. People can place flowers from the deceased’s garden, or favorite flowers of the deceased.

  • Awards

If the deceased was a competitive person, diplomas and various awards could also be placed inside the casket. They can celebrate the many accomplishments of the dead. Talent awards, sports awards, and other achievements are a great way to pay respect and honor the deceased’s life and achievements.

  • Stuffed animals

Should a child or infant die, the family behind may place some of their favorite toys on the casket. It can be stuffed animals, blankets, and comforters, with people also putting uniforms. Losing a child is an unbearable moment, and leaving some personal items may ease some of that awful pain. Parents and family members can cope with the grief while hoping that the particular objects bring comfort to the deceased (in some way).

  • Hobby items

If the deceased had many hobbies, the family members could place knitting tools, ballet pointe shoes, art supplies in the casket. As a matter of fact, anything else connected to the things they loved can be placed. The hobby items are an excellent way to honor the person that died.

  • Memorabilia

It’s typical for the sports enthusiasts to be buried with memorabilia, with and golf club, hockey sticks, baseball bat, and even a football are common choices. Some may opt to place championship rings, athletic gear, the team’s jersey, or anything related to the sports they’ve practiced when they were alive.

  • Medals of honor

People who were in the military are buried in their uniforms more often than not, with their military decorations and badges of honor to the side. With military life-defining them in life, it makes perfect sense that military professionals are buried with the essential achievements in life.

  • Cremated remains

Sometimes, the family members may also put the cremated remains with the deceased in the casket. Spouses that want to be buried together with their long-life partners are often, even if the other one was cremated.

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Should you worry about placing items in the casket?

It goes without saying that once you put the items in the casket, you’ll never going to get them back. Should you plan to place money, jewelry, and valuable items, you need to be 100% sure that you don’t need the items ever again. It’s the same as any other thing that you place in the casket. You should hold on to the original and place copies of the photographs along with the deceased.

The tradition of placing things in the casket isn’t new since people have always tried ways to deal with the grief of death. It’s part of the mourning process, with the funeral service being unique, personal, and therapeutic on some level.

Can you still do it in case of cremation?

With cremation becoming a more and more common part of the funeral service, the confusion of where to place the personal items is understandable. The space is somewhat limited in the case of a cremation, especially since nobody wants the individual items to be cremated.

However, you may customize the cremation niche. The nice is specially created so that the family members and friends store the deceased’s cremation urn. Nine times out of ten, the niche provides enough space for you to place some books, memorabilia, and photos. However, you can add anything else that can make the whole place more comforting.

Unlike with items you place forever in the casket, you can get the personal things back from the glass cremation niche whenever you feel like. Many people are changing the items any now and then. Holidays, birthdays, or death anniversaries are the most common dates when people replace the items with new and more unique things related to the deceased.

The final suggestion

There are many things to take care with a funeral, with choosing the items to place in a casket being just one to name. You also have to consider if you have an open coffin or not. There are a couple of things to consider when making the decision:

  • The condition of the body– It’s not always appropriate to see the state of the deceased body (the trauma is causing the death of the disease that caused it).
  • The date for the funeral service- It may take weeks until the funeral takes place, in which case it’s wiser to have a closed casket service.
  • The opinion of the religion on the open/closed casket
  • The wishes of the dead person

Having to bury a loved one is difficult enough, and in these moments of grief, you should at least not be worried about the costs of the coffin and other things that you need to take off in these moments. Having that said, Trusted Caskets is offering some huge discounts; they deliver almost anywhere in the US within 24 hours.