Making sure that you look perfect while traveling can be quite tricky, with all the rush and fuss coupled with limited baggage space, there’s only one thing that you can count on to save you – preparation. By being well prepared and well packed with all the appropriate items, you’ll be ready to take on all the blows that traveling can throw at your beauty regime and come out the winner, looking as stunning as always. Now, there are a few great tricks to ensure that you ace this so let’s take a look at them!

1 – Choose a Small but Versatile Selection of Makeup and Accessories

Keep the sea of different products, colors, and brands at home. Think about which items are truly the most essential and go for those instead of the ones you use once a year. A fantastic tip to further ace this step is to choose multiple-purpose, versatile items such as sun-blocking moisturizer, makeup pencils that can be used on your lips, cheeks and for contouring, double-sided contouring products (which serve for both highlighting and low lighting), blush that doubles as a lip tint and so on. By going for this type of products instead of single-purpose ones, you’ll save a ton of space while still getting every little bit of usefulness and variety that you’d normally get. I also recommend that you get one of those new and trendy multi sticks since they can be used as pretty much anything – eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, lip gloss, among others. When it comes to complementary items like brushes, be sure to only choose the ones you use the most and the ones that can be used for multiple areas and purposes instead of taking 99 like we all usually do.

2 – Always Carry a Tabletop Makeup Mirror

No matter where you are, you need to see yourself clearly in order to achieve the perfect look. Hotels and other rooms often either have a regular mirror with bad lighting or sometimes none at all, making it essential to carry your own magnifying makeup mirror that preferably has lighting as well. Tabletop units differ in size from small to considerably large but the beauty is that any of them, even the big ones, can be comfortably packed and traveled with. While those tiny purse ones can be good in a pinch, I can’t recommend them for travels as even though they’re super small and lightweight, they don’t offer a tenth of the usefulness of tabletop ones. In short, they’re affordable, easy to carry and your absolute best friend while traveling.

3 – Forget Makeup Wipes – Rinse With Water

Makeup wipes are not only bad for the environment and bad for your skin in general but they’ll also occupy some space, even if not much, without any need at all. Whenever you want to remove your makeup just go for a good ol’ water rinse and thoroughly wash your face. After you’re done, don’t forget to moisturize in order to get that beautiful face looking as good as new! This way you save space, money, the environment and most importantly, your skin’s health.

4 – Put Your Favorite Products In Travel Sized Bottles

Got a moisturizer, bb cream or even a shampoo that comes in huge bottles? Find a few super small bottles/containers, fill them up with whatever you need – be it foundation or any other liquid – and just like that you’ve got yourself a quick, effective DIY travel-sized bottle. You can get reusable ones for 99 cents at most stores but if you’re gonna travel by flight be sure to get bottles that have a maximum capacity of less than three ounces to comply with TSA rules.

5 – Pack Safely and Tightly

All the above tips will be for absolutely nothing if your makeup products are ruined when you get to your destination so remember to always pack them with the utmost care and support. There are a few great ways to ensure they arrive safely without any spills, broken pieces or other pesky damage so be sure to follow these:

  • Wrap up your makeup bag and items tightly in soft paper or cloth. This will not only ensure that things don’t bash against one another while moving but it’ll also protect them from falls, blows or any other impact that might happen.
  • Pack them alongside your clothes to further protect them from damage during travel. Acting as an extra layer of cushioning and protection, your clothing will heavily improve the overall safety of your items.
  • Use ziplock bags to cover spillable items. A nifty little trick that I got from Bustle, putting all the items that are prone to spillage inside a ziplock bag ensures that even if something happens and they do spill – the disaster will be neatly contained inside the bag, sparing you of a huge mess and allowing you to recover some of the product.


Bring Visine! This wonderful tip that I read on a Huffington Post article has quickly turned into an essential step for any of my travels. You probably already know that Visine is an eye product that’s used to clear red-eyes but what you didn’t know is that it works incredibly well on any face breakouts such as zits and pimples. As soon as you notice one coming up, quickly dab Visine (with a cotton ball or piece of paper) on it to instantly cut down its redness and make it nearly undetectable. This is not only great at the moment, but it will also make covering it with makeup later much easier. Traveling often makes you sweat more and gather all kinds of dirt on your face which leads to breakouts, so this will be your handy little secret weapon against them!


While looking perfect during travels can be tough, with these awesome tricks by your side you’ll be guaranteed to positively shine all the way through. They’re easy to apply, super effective and ensure that you don’t have to be afraid of makeup travel disasters, so it’s time to put your planned trip into practice – start packing, use these tricks and have fun!