Best Home Security Systems
Best Home Security Systems

Most of us can agree that choosing a home security system can be a challenging and daunting task. According to Forbes, one of the critical factors that you need to consider while choosing your home security system is the cost. Purchasing such a system is a significant investment and when you are considering different pricing options you need to keep these five common fees in your mind: the activation fee, monthly fee, service fee, relocation fee, and cancellation fee.

These charges tend to vary greatly depending on the company and the package that you choose. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to acquire a high-quality home security system. Some companies offer affordable home security systems without compromising on quality.

So, are you on budget and want to install a home security system? Read on to find out the top five best home security systems for every budget.


Vivint is among our top picks since it provides easy home automation integration, flexible payment options, and high-end products. Today, Vivint also offers a wide range of cheaper monitoring devices than other home security companies.

The company’s midlevel plans are quite affordable and support smart home devices such as thermostats, controllers, automatic door locks, and garage doors. This means that you can always ensure that your property stays safe even when you are gone away. notes that Vivint home security products are known for their relatively low prices and high quality. The company’s customer service team is available 24/7, and you can reach them easily via online chat or through a phone call. When it comes to home security equipment, Vivint is ahead of its competitors by far since it manufactures its own equipment.


Scout is a relatively new home security company that offer affordable and high-quality home security systems. Founded in 2013, the company takes pride in creating affordable, simple, and smart home security devices. The company offers low monthly rates and 60-day money back guarantee.

The company combines the expertise of its designers, engineers, and business people to create astonishing security devices that are relatively cheap and user-friendly. Its systems offer you the freedom to customize devices to include in your home security system, their color, finish, and the various actions you would like to initiate in different situations.

You also choose the level of support that you want. Scout operates on the simple principle that each customer is different and each home security system must be unique as the home it protects. The simple DIY installation procedure and a wide range of wireless devices make it a favorite among many homeowners.

Abode Security

One of the biggest selling points for Abode Security is that it lets you self-monitor your entire security system which is a rare thing in the home security industry. You can monitor your equipment for free with a simple mobile app.

Other home security companies will make you pay for a monthly subscription plan that gives you the option to monitor your system remotely. Abode Security devices are also compatible with a wide range of smart home equipment including Z-Wave devices. Abode’s starter kit cost less than $300.

The starter kit includes one gateway hub, a mini door and window sensor, one remote key fob, and a motion sensor. Another benefit of Abode security equipment is that you don’t need to contact a professional contractor to help you with the installation. You can install everything on your own since it is quite easy.

Link Interactive

There is so much to love about Link Interactive. This is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a traditional home security system with professional monitoring, detection devices, and locks. Link Interactive offers affordable packages that will take care of your unique home security needs.


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The company provides devices that allow monitoring and controlling from a mobile app. Link also offers advanced protection such as an electrical setup that keeps your home security system active even if someone tries to disable it.


This is perhaps the best no-contract home security option out there. You don’t have to make any commitment to the company at the time of purchasing its security equipment. Even with a no-contract plan, you still get a lot of helpful features such as system updates, push, and email notifications that will help protect your property 24/7.

GetSafe also provides excellent customer service during and after the purchase process. All GetSafe security systems include a cellular 3G SIM card. This means that if your control panel loses the default WI-FI connection, you can still be able to call customer support for help. GetSafe security systems integrate with home automation devices such as garage door openers and smart light bulbs.


Although each home security company out there offers basic home security features, our top picks featured offer much more than that. These home security systems made it to our lists thanks to their cutting-edge technology, user-friendliness, and excellent customer service.

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