Blogger Apps
Blogger Apps

In the past few decades, the digital era has continuously altered the way we communicate. Blogging is about expressing and sharing what you know on the internet. The main reason why bloggers express their opinion in their blogs is for their audience to get the message and react to it. As we know, most people, including bloggers, prefer to buy Android devices for their everyday use. Hence the need for having the right app makes blogging easier while on the go.

Bloggers are spoilt for choice with Android and iOS apps. Android, as an operating system, is available on a wide range of devices and has experienced exponential growth. This operating system supports a number of apps that are highly beneficial to the blogger. Vast changes in innovation have led to the technological advancement of mobile phones and apps. Bloggers have the chance to conduct many tasks when they are away from their computers.

Why blogging apps?

Apps are perfect for blogging as you can carry your phone anywhere you go. As a blogger, this helps improve productivity as well as growing a blog. Android apps come with an Android operating system, which comes with a range of capabilities designed to help in your blogging. This is the main reason why it is one of the most sought after platforms by most bloggers

(Apps on iPhone and IPad are also very useful). Most apps are free while others can be downloaded for a small fee.

We take a look below at 5 of the best apps a blogger should never do without.

1. WordPress for Android

WordPress is a leading pioneer in the blogging scene. It is the most popular content management platform, powering most websites and blogs. Any serious blogger has heard of or used WordPress in their blogging activities. WordPress for Android makes it easy to write content, edit, and publish it while on the go. It is an open source that allows users to check the statistics of their site and other publishing details.

WordPress for Android supports the self-hosted and the more common This app also allows users to publish photos or videos taken with the camera on mobile phones. Plus, users can make use of the different plugins that are available on this site to customize their blog, so that their work is unique.

Customization options on this app will improve the search engine optimization of a blog; this is beneficial in directing more traffic from Google.

When it comes to blogging via a mobile device, WordPress should be on top of a blogger`s list. It is a very simple process to access the app—just download it, sign up, and start using it. It’s very “plug and play.”

It also ensures the safety of a website since it is secure with each and every update they release to their clients.

2. Tumblr

Tumblr, which is available on both Android and iPhone, is famous for posting short blurbs of interesting content such as quotes, videos, and photos. This is why it is sometimes referred to as a microblog. Tumblr bloggers can make use of its useful features for scheduling posts, posting content, managing multiple Tumblr blogs, and viewing and replying to messages within the app. It will also detail contacts of other Tumblr blogs in your address book, so you can start following them.

Most people prefer Tumblr because it handles everything on one site. It is very simple to post photos, videos, and articles on, and additionally, a blogger can also view content, posts, and videos for free on Tumblr.

Tumblr has millions of users, making it a massive opportunity for a blogger to acquire an adequate target audience for their blog. This is very important if you wish to monetize your blog. The other benefit to this is that the massive community can give you the opportunity to network, share your thoughts and ideas, as well as learn on how to improve blogging experiences.

3. Evernote

Evernote enables you to capture and prioritize your projects. This app also enables you to remember everything that is important to you, like your notes, ideas, and reminders of your to-do lists. This way, you can stay organized by planning, keeping your records, and managing your projects from any Android device.

Furthermore, the app is essential in collaborating with your clients in your projects. You just need to sign up to your free account, add a plan, type notes, and organize your work sequentially.

This is a useful app for any blogger on the move, as it is compatible with your phone, tablet or other mobile devices.

You can use Evernote to take notes in an array of formats such as PDFs, texts, photos, audios, web clippings, videos, and sketches, among others.

With a smartphone camera, a blogger can capture and scan documents that can be saved in Evernote. This is the ultimate digital pad for writing and sharing ideas.

4. Google analytics app

Google analytics is the best app for monitoring blog metrics while on the go. Any blogger needs to be aware of how their blog is doing, the statistics, the comments, and how their target audience views their blog on a daily basis.

A blogger gets to explore their reports, compare data trends, monitor real-time data, and save to their dashboard for easier retrieval. Bloggers need to have this app for checking their blog stats, traffic, and general performance.

5. Twitter

Twitter comes in handy for bloggers who like to share their thoughts on social media. Social media integration helps bloggers reach a large audience. By sharing, and tweeting and retweeting articles and other related activities from their blogs, they are able to drive more traffic to their sites.

It also aids a blogger to establish a connection with individuals and brands in case you want to monetize your blog. Twitter helps you to connect with friends, and explore trending topics, customers, and influencers. You can interact with individuals, watch live events and learn how to grow your blog from experts in a specific niche. The power of social media in growing a blog cannot be underestimated.