The dream, for hardcore gamers in known e-sport games, is to become one of the legendary players that join the best team followed by thousands of supporters who watch their games every week.

The most skilled people in these games can earn a lot because every team who got a spot in the leagues are sponsored by many companies.
Unfortunately, there is a very low chance to enter these teams because there are so many skilled players in games like League of Legends that it’s difficult to stand out of the other players.

So some of them fall back to an easier way to earn money, by doing eloboosting and we can’t criticize them about it, they are good in their domain, so they have no reason to quit the game and do something else.

They can also do it for a short period of time, wait to become better and try to contact an organization later to do another try with them or even do competitions and boosting during the same period.

It has never been a secret that some pros have already worked in elo boosting service in the past and some of them has been suspended because of it. They admitted it by themselves because it is a common thing for them. They usually don’t get banned for it because they know if the players didn’t do it, they would probably not have the occasion to join the pro league.

Being able to boost is something, but being recruited by boosting services requires more aptitudes outside of the same. For example, having a professional relationship with the customers is fundamental to make sure they are happy. Eloboosting is sometimes annoying so the booster can’t have a negative spirit if he wants to work in this domain in the long term.

Keeping the customer and the team informed about the progress of the boost and staying available if any problems occur is part of the job.
It’s still a good option to earn a lot, especially in the high division and in duos because the prices are much higher.

An efficient strategy is to do a solo and duo order at the time by using the account that needs to be boosted to play with the duo since lol offers to play duo queue.
They don’t have to be worried because many companies are in the market already so they can join at least 1 of them.