Termites, small social insects, just like bees and ants, but it certainly isn’t the damage they can cause. The worst thing about them is they’re acting in silence. It means that termites may already start to destroy your home while you don’t even know about it. It may already be too late when you notice the first signs of damage, and your property may have already been damaged. The primary reason termites are attracted to enter your properties is that they find their favorite food there: trees and plants based on cellulose. Their favorite food, therefore, is the deadwood they can find in our property, in books, furniture, shelves, and in the foundation of the house.

There are varieties of species termites; they are typically divided into three main groups:

Subterranean Termites “Subs”: consisting mostly of Eastern Subterranean Termites and Formosan Termites, which are the most destructive ones.

Dry wood Termites: secondly, the subterranean, Drywood Termites, do not live in soil and prefer dry wood as opposed to other termites that are similar to moist wood.

Damp wood Termites: As defined by their name, these termites mainly imitate moisture and will mostly never be seen by homeowners, but I wanted to include it as a reference.

Which other things besides wood, do termites eat?

Although wood is a necessary staple of the nutrition for termite, it has been known from time to time that they subsist on other items. These items are; drywall, plastic, paper, mulch. Products Cellulose, found in wood, is the food source for a termite. However, worker termites may go out in search of other wood sources of cellulose.

Early Termites Signs, so how are you supposed to know when to take action against termites? Okay, even though they are very secretive, burrowing insects, they leave behind some clues to alert homeowners of their activity. Here are easy ways to get rid of termites from your property.

What to do to get rid of termites from your property using the professional way: reliable termite infestation remedies, if you’re wondering how to get rid of termites in your walls and furniture, then two critical solutions are accessible. Which are most active in infestations with large termite where time is necessary?

Call the professionals: for any large termite invasions, it is strongly recommended that you call in the best exterminators near Salisbury North Carolina for Bugs or other terminates-control professionals near you. They can either sort the problem on their own or give you some helpful information.

Use household chemicals: Several household chemicals such as Diatomaceous or Borax can be a quick and effective response to your termite issue if you want to use dedicated pest control solutions.

Be sure you follow all safety advice given to you and keep children or family pets well out of reach.

How to get rid of termites in the house using home remedies: If you wonder how to use home remedies to handle termites, then these three choices are my favorites. These are most suitable for minor termite invasions or as preventive measures after the removal of termites from your house.

Old cardboard: It’s old but an effective solution. Leave the old cardboard close to where the termites stayed, and they will be attracted to the old cardboard. You can then dump them out.

Orange oil: It contains a substance called d-limonene that contains repellent for termites. Use an old cloth to apply to any places where termites have been seen, or where they are likely to appear — using it extensively.

Neem oil: This choice may not be as widespread as orange oil, but just as well, it will do the job. The oil has an odor that repels all kinds of pests, including termites; use it to wipe the surfaces in your home.