Public Adjuster

Most of us will have to file an insurance claim at some point. On average, a motorist will file a claim every 17 years. This means people who start driving between ages 16-18 will have filed a claim by the time they are in their mid-30s.

Homeowners often file insurance claims for damage, with one in 20 insured homes filing annually. Natural disasters and fires are a common reason for homeowner insurance claims.

When we file a claim, we’re at the mercy of insurance companies and adjusters. Have you ever wondered “what is a public adjuster?”

If so, keep reading to find out as we explore what a public adjuster is and much more.

Who Does a Public Adjuster Work For?

A public adjuster works for the policyholder (in this case, yourself). They do not work for insurance companies.

A public adjuster is a specialist hired by you to help with your insurance claims. It is up to you to find and hire one if you choose to.

What Is a Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters represent the interest of the policyholder in insurance claims. They are also able to evaluate insurance policies.

A public adjuster has experience in dealing with insurance companies. They know how to maximize the return on your claim and how to work within the insurance system to help you.

Public adjusters are insurance professionals. They are experts in claims and insurance policies. A good public adjuster will not get paid unless your claim gets approved.

These public adjusters are here to make sure you get what you need. Using highly experienced public adjusters can make a large difference in your claim.

How Do I Find a Public Adjuster?

To find a good public adjuster, read reviews online for ones around you. Doing your research will prevent you from making a costly mistake.

Online searches for public adjusters are the most common way to find a public adjuster. There are directories that you can search for. You can also inquire with your state department of insurance, as public adjusters in most states are licensed by the state.

How Important Are Public Adjusters?

Public adjusters can maximize your claim. Working with a public adjuster will usually get you more money than not having one.

It is important that if you use a public adjuster to bring them in early. Starting your claim process with a public adjuster is important.

Public adjusters are a great step for someone who is not interested in pursuing legal action. They help resolve insurance claims without the stress and difficulty of dealing with attorneys.

Insurance Claims Are Stressful and Complicated

“What is a public adjuster?” is a question that gets asked often. Now that you know, you can see the advantages they offer.

Most insurance policies are full of confusing wording and legal concepts. Let a professional public adjuster decipher and translate your policy for you.

Not using a public adjuster can leave you exposed to being taken advantage of. They are an advocate for you to relieve the stress you will be feeling. Get someone on your side to help with your insurance claim.

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