We all need a little bit of Marie Kondo touch in our lives every now and then when life gets busy and messy. Our homes, social media, and our email inbox get cluttered with a lot of accounts, people, and pages we have mindlessly subscribed to in an attempt to get all the latest updates on fashion trends, business ideas, health hacks, etc. This messed up space causes subtle disorientation and confusion in our thinking processes and lives generally.

Cleaning Your Email Inbox

In order to get rid of a lot of unnecessary messages and emails lying unread in our email inboxes, people use different methods. Traditionally, some people take out actual time to clean it up, reading one email at a time. However, dealing with an inbox filled with 7000+ emails on a one-on-one basis is a hectic job to do and would require a lot of time and energy committed to it.

Other ways of doing this would include simply setting up different folders for different kinds of emails. For example, people using Gmail know that they can set up a priority inbox for important emails. They can also classify others under various categories such as updates, promotions and social. They can even create custom categories of their own and move emails to them.

Email Un-subscribers

Having said that, 2020 – an era of digital enlightenment is just around the corner. With technological progress, we now have various software or programmed solutions for almost all of our problems. This includes cleaning our email inboxes as well. One of the smartest ways to manage and de-clutter our inbox in 2020 and staying ahead of our not-so-tech savvy peers would be installing an email unsubscriber into our systems.

An email unsubscriber is an application that can help you get rid of your unwanted emails and manage your inbox. All you need to do is install it on your iOS or Android devices. There are many software companies offering such apps, however, the one that is known for its reliability and good performance is ‘Unsubscriber’ from Clean Email.

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Unsubscriber From Clean Email

With apps like ‘Unsubscriber’ people can have their inboxes organized and decluttered in a very little amount of time. It is an efficient and time-saving method, especially for entrepreneurs and freelancers who have their inboxes filled with all kinds of newsletters, promotional messages, and informative and educational content.

This app helps manage our inboxes without any data loss and breach of privacy. Users can trust and install ‘Unsubscriber’ into their browsers and mobiles. Unsubscriber does not share users’ data with third parties as opposed to some other email unsubscriber apps.

How Does Unsubscriber App Work?

This app works in 3 simple steps. It starts by scanning and analyzing your inbox, then goes on to make a list of all your subscriptions and in the end, helps you unsubscribe from all the unwanted newsletters. In this way, it helps you in stopping the inflow of potential unwanted emails. For the already existing ones, it scans, analyzes then brings up the ones you have not checked in a long while with two options; either you mark them as spam or delete them permanently from your inbox.

In this way, ‘Unsubscriber’ helps people with busy schedules, employees with a night shift, entrepreneurs, working moms, students, freelancers and a side hustler with a day job in keeping their digital spaces clean and mess-free with only relevant material to go through.

So, before you step into 2020, you have found the ultimate email inbox declutter method- using unsubscriber apps like Unsubscriber from Clean Email!