With the outbreak of COVID-19 globally, things that we often took for granted in our lives have abruptly been taken away from us. Everyone suddenly being locked in their home, we realize more than ever before the importance of the little things, be it going for a stroll or just grocery shopping.

However, while we may find ourselves missing the little things, there are also many more essential activities that we just can’t do anymore. Perhaps for the first time in history, students all over the globe find themselves unable to go to school. One of the biggest reasons this pandemic is hitting us so hard is the fact that a disaster of this sort just wasn’t expected, and that is why countries all across the globe find themselves struggling to cope.

This has led to mass confusion about the future of students because there is no saying when the virus can be controlled. Batches set to graduate in 2020 find themselves being denied the closure of their graduation ceremonies, while others suddenly have their classes and school-going experience cut off. However, there is no limit to the resourcefulness of human beings, and there have been innovative solutions to help us adjust to life under lockdown.

Benefits Of Online Education

As it is utterly impractical to wait for the virus to die down to resume our daily lives, alternatives have been created. One of the most popular alternatives for all the students is online education.

As schools and colleges were declared being potential breeding grounds for the virus; education has been shifted online in the spirit of social distancing. Online tutoring works through video calls primarily and allows students to keep up with their learning from home. With knowledge just a click away, all sorts of students – from 1st graders studying math to those pursuing an online masters in emergency management can keep up with their studies, uninterrupted.

While the obvious benefit of this is that it allows us to deal with the virus, it can also be a significant relief for those who struggled to get out of bed for class every morning! However, on the other hand, students now do not have that plethora of excuses to arrive late to the class, just because they could not get up early in the morning.

Staying Prepared For Any Calamity

Apart from comfort and accessibility, however, online education lets us learn whatever we want at the convenience of our own pace. With life coming to a standstill, people are looking for meaningful things to keep them occupied. One of the most significant conversations currently is a discussion of just how ill-prepared we can be for any calamities.

Without distance learning, many students and teachers across the globe would have suffered. While there is little that we can do about a pandemic, often, we are extremely unprepared for even the smallest of disasters. In an increasingly uncertain world, this can be nothing short of ignorance.

Disasters can bring to light the immense importance of emergency response teams because without such workers; society would never be able to cope with any tragedy. This is why it is imperative to have the skills and knowledge to make the world a better place in light of a tragedy not just for us but for those around us as well.

Making The Most Of Our Quarantine

With the importance of staying prepared and the value of emergency response teams fresh in our minds, there can be no better time to avail a wide range of knowledge that is available a mere click away.

Some of the best works of the time have been written in quarantine. For instance, studying emergency management can be our way of not just keeping our mind fresh and alert in these trying times, but also of contributing to society. While it is ideal that we don’t have to use the disaster management skills we learn, we have all learned that bad situations crop up with no warning, and we are better off prepared.

Whereas, if you are just sitting idle in your home, it is better to utilize this free time and learn a few extra skills around this time. You can also opt for a few online courses that many universities are offering across the globe. There are also numerous websites specialized to teach different skill sets that are of a wide variety.


Going to school or college is something that most of us used to mope about before the virus. Now, however, its importance is evident to even those who hated it. Without learning, we can quickly find ourselves drifting into a mundane routine, where the days all blend together, with nothing meaningful to keep us going.

Online education can be a real lifesaver in this uncertain and confusing period, as it can help us stay motivated and can keep us moving forward. Education, however, doesn’t just have to be a way for us to keep ourselves occupied or to get a degree for our resume. With meaningful courses, it can allow us to give back to the world, one way or another.