Best Casino Games to Play on Mobile
Best Casino Games to Play on Mobile

In our brave new technological world, even being tied down to a desktop can be too limiting. Our mobile devices have opened up avenues for entertainment that scarcely seemed possible a few short years ago. So, the chances are that if you want to play online slots or other casino games, you’ll be doing it from your mobile device.

But what are the best games to play from an Android or iOS device? Here’s a rundown of the games that have moved seamlessly from the desktop to the small screen, and where players in Canada can go to find them.

Online Slot Games

As anyone who has had the chance to play online slots on mobile can tell you, these games could have been made for the small screen. A typical slot game consists of three or five reels, which fit neatly across the screen when the mobile or tablet is held in landscape mode. Spinning the reels on mobile is a much more tactile and authentic experience, thanks to the touchscreen which response to the tap of a finger.

There are two popular ways to play online slots; for real money or just for fun. If you’re simply looking for free Canadian slot games, there are a couple of avenues to explore. The first is to find the website of the software provider, which often have free demo versions of their games to try out to your heart’s content. Another way to find free online slots Canada is to download a free casino mobile app containing fun games with no risk.

For those of you interested in learning how to win at slots Canada, but still want to try them for free, take advice from an expert site such as to discover casinos offering free spins or a no deposit signup bonus. This is a way to find free slots in Canada, but with the added bonus that you may just win some money without paying out a single cent.

Card Games

Our other top pick for the mobile casino are the card games Blackjack and poker. Blackjack is the ultimate combination of chance and skill and has the advantage of taking much less time to pick up than the more complex poker. It’s also very well suited to playing in a live casino game since every participant plays directly against the dealer. Blackjack offers an opportunity to try out the latest live dealer technology being developed for mobile platforms.

For the more experienced player, poker is the pinnacle of casino games. It requires a level of talent several tiers above blackjack, and many players spend years perfecting their skill. Playing poker on a mobile casino site is a different experience to playing face to face since you can’t see your opponents. As any expert will tell you, however, the role of the bluff and the poker face has been highly exaggerated. Playing through a screen removes these distracting aspects, allowing you to focus on the mechanics of this multifaceted game.

Where to Go

Most online casinos offer a choice of different games and will have a good range of both online slots, and different poker and blackjack variants. These days, all the best casinos have either released a mobile app or optimized their site for mobile access. There are even some special Canadian slot games with themes such as ice hockey to please Canuck casino fans. As more and more of the biggest providers move into the Canadian market, online slots Canada are becoming easier to find.

Mobile devices have become the ultimate entertainment tool, and it’s now even easier to play slots and card games on mobile than it is on a desktop. In 2019, we can all take the casino with us wherever we go.