Upon landing for an interview, you are asked to forward your resume. Not having your laptop, what would be the best possible way out?

Sneak out your phone from the pocket, access to your Gmail Account and done!

Smooth wasn’t it?

Having the right application took you no longer to make things happen. And of course, Gmail being one of the most renowned application is a must-have, No?

As this year is near to its end, we thought why not highlight applications that have made it to the “MOST SOUGHT FOR MOBILE APPLICATIONS IN 2018”.

From Games to travel, books to social media we picked up ones that are now the ultimate favorites.



Want to kill boredom? Why not play a game?

How about installing Subway Surfers and crossing different levels that too in different countries? This all the way running game was released back in 2012, has made it to devices regardless of whatever the age group is. Also, its unalike critters not only add fun to this game but keep its user intrigued on where would he end up being at. With different mystery boxes, accessories no matter how many rail boogies you have jumped over through or bumped into, it keeps you going. That’s not it, unlocking several trimmings for each character keeps one moving ahead only at all times.


Who doesn’t love this tiny moustache man running on brick walls to reach a destination that’s not so near? From childhood we all have been super fond of this game. Be it to buy Nintendo edition or that for your play station. Mario has been one of the most purchased games ever. No doubts on it making to the most popular mobile applications because why would someone not just like this game? An absolute reminisces to childhood days that has made it back to you by reaching out to your mobile screens.



We know this is the most common one out here but what can one do if the application has almost a 97.6% reach? This application is like your “MUST HAVES AT ALL TIMES” kind. With over a billion users this platform helps one socialize, share moments, voice out their rants and how can one forget? Upload latest photos by gazillions using it from all over the world. Hitting likes and commenting has now become a part of one’s to-do lists. Without scrolling down your newsfeed, we bet your day would end up being as incomplete as your achievements.


With over a 117m users only in the US as per Statista and several new hashtags this application is for sure your new best friend. #Popularity has been because of its user-friendly frame and exciting new hashtags that pop in every now and then. Creating caption, getting followers and what not has been why people prefer Instagram than any other application when it comes to social media. But wait! How can we forget the Shoutouts that you can out give to a friend who has recently started his own venture? Or IGTV that’s going to be the new black?



Privacy being everyone’s right, how can one not keep their gadgets locked? We are sure your mobile offers you with different security updates to choose out from to keep them safe and not letting fall into the wrong hands but what if your mate knows your password pattern already? Are your private messages safe? Or for instance you shared the unlock mobile pin with your colleague previously and forgot to change the same? Now having something that is of high confidentiality wouldn’t you be taking all measures to keep your data safe at any cost? Applock here plays its role in providing you with a security add-on to have, ensuring your applications too are password protected. Not only can it help you lock your messages or any application that one may assume contains data that has the tendency of getting exploited, Applock has made it to the well-liked application list apart from being the most popular one. So, next time if you feel your data is at risk, you know what to install.


Not all downloads are safe. By safe we mean safe to be installed or free from viruses. Same as to how not all X are not made equal, all applications you tend to install or all files that you download are free from bugs. Avast Antivirus is your mobiles doctor that helps you save your phone from bugs or content that can prove out to be dangerous for your mobile’s running efficiency. As much as you need to be cautious about viruses that can attack your health, you got to be watchful for these hitches as one wouldn’t want their newly purchased gears get effected by such faults.



Waking up to an alert of having lesser space in your phone? Wandering on what to delete or perhaps being a music maniac, your never-ending playlist is keeping you from deleting some of your most favorite tracks? Worry not, as we know what everyone else has been using to keep their gadgets memory safe.

SoundCloud it is. From different genres to the customized playlist this application is there to keep you entertained as well as without fearing to lose your loved tracks and searching for them all over again, it gives you the chance to keep them at all times. Now comes the part that’s interesting, not only does this app have you move to the groove but also share what you like with others. As Nifty as it sounds, you also can check out various playlists shared by others here and update yours too.


Stranger things or house of cards? Having Netflix is no less than being blessed with the best if you love watching shows or movies in your spare time. Gone are the days when one had to make an excuse to catch up on their show’s latest episode when aired. With Netflix, it all got convenient and untroublesome. Its URL was not the only anchor but the application was an icing on the cake. Being at work or else-where, all you were required to do was install the Application and there you are. All set to sign-in and watch your favorite shows on your mobile screen.


Just heard about a breaking news and not sure where to find its latest footage? Got YouTube installed on your mobile already? From news to music, sports to do it yourself videos, YouTube has all stocked for you. With over 8 billion subscribers as per the real-time stats, it has made its access easier by being available on mobile phones. Before sleeping or going back to work, millions stream to this mobile application because why not? Its just a tap away. Apart from this, the next time you are stuck and looking for a hack in an emergency all you have to do is click on to the icon on your mobile screen and hit search. Easy peasy?



Not everyone thinks alike. Some find gaming in their leisure hours as an interesting pass time, some opt for reading. Carrying books to wherever you go and that too in hand while not carrying a handbag can be a hassle. For readers, reading is as important as food for life. Undoubtedly, reading directly from books is pleasant but what if you can’t get hold of your book when leaving for an early morning meeting? Here we have a solution for you. Install Kindle and continue to enjoy reading. Not only has kindle made it to a million hearts that love books but also is equipped with latest reads for its users. Also, if you’re thinking it has a cost attached with the installation, don’t worry its free. Happy Reading!


The handy application that has PDF files of all the latest books you have been looking for. Besides, they also provide you with features through which you can highlight, look up for meanings, set annotations and share notes extracted from them. Next if you and your friend are reading the same book and you’ve got to share something, you know which application will be the right find for you.


What if all of a sudden you have to look up for a word’s meaning you’ve come across? We know you wouldn’t be carrying your dictionary with yourself. But you also can. With this application not only looking up for meanings get easier for you but also if you are searching for synonyms or look-alike words, will be the choice worthwhile. To let you know one more thing, this application has an offline mode as well. Thus, worrying about having an internet or wi-fi access won’t be a problem anymore.



Planning for a vacation with friends? Worried about how will you be able to manage finances? Split wise has it all that takes you to be the perfect accountant. Not only this it also has a feature where groups can be made with email addresses. Not only will it assist you in splitting your bills easily but also keep a track of how much has been spent by you already or perhaps even if in your group someone owes you some pennies, you will be intimated.



Looking for a DIY for interior decoration? Or new hairstyles? Or maybe a recipe that’s different and scrumptious? Pinterest, the most loved application for all the organized individual’s out there, it has categories, hacks, DIY’s, lifestyle tips and tricks and what not. Its different categories and easy to look for search engine never disappoint one when none of the other apps are providing with the best of what is being looked for. Though this application is not too recent, but its as updated as a new one.

  • UBER:

How can we forget the application that’s our rescue when looking for a commute? In addition to this travelling from one place to another within, it has gotten so much easier with Uber. It gets to you within a matter of seconds or minutes when called and has you budget stay put when it comes on spending over commute. Having this application not only manages it for you back in your home town, but operating in over 60 cities as per the Google analytics it is there by your side no matter wherever you travel to. Calling a cab or waiting a bus stop is now not in the picture as Uber is here bringing your next ride at your doorstep.

There can be a lot of different applications and much more that can be of importance to individuals as per their user preferences. However, the applications mentioned above are those that no matter, whatever happens, you will find are being used by the majority.

Since smartphones have come into existence, life has become more about convenience and ease. Everything has encased to much advanced and better versions of them own. Within a few seconds or minutes tasks that took one days to fulfil now take nothing but three clicks. Log-In, Perform, Sign-out. And being the brownie point in real life’s levels they leave you relaxed. And not only tasks, entertainment, hobbies have found themselves a real-time partner as well.

We are sure that the applications mentioned above are not new to you or perhaps you are using them already but being the ultimate favorites, we thought to have them highlighted as the apps ranked for the year 2018. Just in case If you have skipped out any or were not sure if they were meeting what you were looking for, we hope this list sorts it out for you. Not all the applications make it to the hit list, but if they have, they sure must be ones that have the best reviews.

Author Bio:

Daniel Max is working as a writing specialist from 3 years in an application development company called App Experts. He has a great ability to write on different subjects related technology such iOS, Android, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and many more.