Best Scientific Apps
Best Scientific Apps

Since the advancement and popularity of smartphones and laptops have been skyrocketing, a lot of intriguing applications have been taking over the app stores. There are so many apps flooding your references, but not all of them are worth your phone storage. There are so many scientific apps that have been created for people who have a hard time trying to understand the theories and working of their degrees. Since technology has been taking over people’s day to day work, why not let education be a part of it? This is the virtual age; people want innovation and technology to help them sort out their work, companies like This is Rush help thesis writing and research.

To make science more interactive, a lot of improvements have been made. Some of the apps stand out when it comes to providing facts with fun. The following are a few of those apps (for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, and more) that are ruling App stores, saving space, and your precious data.

1. BioBlox

Learning and understanding Biology at the back of your hand just got a lot more fun. Bio Blox is an educational 2D puzzle game based on the topic of Protein Docking, and it’s available here. This game helps you learn about the interactions of bio-molecules as it is structured for matching the Ligands in order to create the perfect Receptor. You match positive and negative charges once you start reaching advanced levels. The more and more you keep playing, you keep learning more facts about Bio-molecules.

With a good rating, it has very simple controls. You can swipe, rotate, or switch for matching the Tetris type of grid formats. Such a format has made learning more interactive and fun. People have been benefiting from the game and love the idea of how education can be both fun and super informative. It is time to ace your test with BioBlox. This is a great concept especially for people who love the game as it is no more studies but an actual game that keeps teaching you at every level you unlock. Keep advancing at levels in your phone and in your knowledge.

2. All-In-One Calculator

So many calculators take so much space on your phone. Storage is limited, but education is not, which is why All-In-One-Calculator is here for the rescue. This app includes various calculators and converters like Algebra, Geometry, Health, Unit converters, Finance, and miscellaneous. It also has the main calculator with features like memory buttons, copy-paste buttons, 40 themes, history, and a simple and scientific layout. It is the best calculator with Currency and Unit Converter for Android smartphones.

The format is user-friendly and easy to use for anyone, be it a teacher, student, contractor, handyman, or engineer and this is why it is for free so that anyone can enjoy such handy features. Rather than carrying different calculators, an app makes it more efficient to use and is also pocket-friendly which is why now people prefer it more than the actual calculators in the market. With a 4.7 star rating, All-In-One-Calculator is winning people’s hearts.

3. Cosmolander – The Solar System

Get ready to take off this amazing app that lets you explore the wonders of our galaxy. With a 4.8-star rating, this paid app which is available to download from here is interactive and friendly to use with creative animation format that lets your children enjoy education on your smartphone. A narrator’s voice that guides you through the cosmos is all you need, allowing you to catapult into a journey of learning and discovering.

It is designed for children of 6 years old and above. It helps your study the 9 planets of our solar systems through 36 sections on various topics that cover in-depth information and facts. Learn about planets’ structures, climate, size, and satellites. The best part is that there is no advertising which is why the learning experience in fun and interruption-free. Space is now in your hand.

4. MEL Chemistry

Chemistry has been tagged as a boring subject. MEL Chemistry is here to remove the nonsense and get things done. Ever wondered how sugar molecules look like? With a 4.2-star rating, this free app is the best there is. It provides the experience of experiments assistant and visuals of molecules in 3D. It shows molecular structures of Sulphuric acid, Citric acid, lactose, Thymol Blue, Tin Chloride, and hundreds more. It is designed to keep simplicity in mind with clear instructions and factual data. You get to see the best visual displays of molecular structures. It is exciting, it’s new, and a lot of students have been studying with such an interactive app.

5. AcceleratAR

An interactive and free 3.8-star app is what every Physics teacher and student really wanted. University of Liverpool and Cockcroft Institute created this app to help you build an augmented reality particle accelerator on your own. It is commonly used for making radiotherapy. With this app, it is possible for you to explore electromagnetic fields which make up particle accelerator. This app has been benefiting a lot of people as it is easy to access through your phone. Simple and clear instructions are enabling this app to be as user-friendly as possible.

Thus, from this list now we know that science can be easy, fun, and interactive. Assignment geek’s new friends are right in their pockets. These apps have been improving since and are now a must requirement for a lot of people. This is where technology is stepping. Rather than memorizing, these apps focus on learning and spreading education and that’s what it should aim at. The goal is simple, learning is fun and is a process of life. Making education easily available for everyone is what the future holds.