Here is the seventh installment of 10 games reviewed.

Christmas Lights Math

Grades 1 & Up

Christmas Lights Math is very similar to the Christmas Lights game with one addition, or subtraction, or divide and multiply. Yes, you guessed it, this is a mathematics quiz with four categories and three levels to choose from. The player chooses the category and level, and must then answer mathematical problems as quickly as possible to beat the clock and amass as many points to get more lights. All incorrect answers deduct lights.

Grade: 1 to 5

Conclusions: This is a definite winner, it’s fun because you get to race against the clock with mathematical problems to solve, and then you get the lights to draw over the house and light up. Once you finish drawing all the lights, DO NOT press the green arrow key, or you will be taken back to the main menu.

Christmas Present Hunt

Grades 2 & Up

Christmas Present Hunt is a totally noneducational game, in fact, it’s a frustrating hidden picture game that doesn’t really provide you with a hidden picture, only a “masked” opaque box that sits over the background. In some instances, it is very very hard to find them, due to the screen quality issues. Any player that is slightly hard of sight or distracted will find this game extremely frustrating.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: Yes, it does bring out the competitiveness in players, bo, it’s not a good game, the graphics are cheating. There is a basic background picture and then superimposed over it are opaque boxes. Had the programmer created actual graphics to fit into the pictures, this would have been a winner. Personal opinion, some might like it, most won’t.

Christmas Tree Fun

Grades Pre-K - 3

Christmas Tree Fun is fun. This is a graphic design game where the player is given a number of options. To start off with you get to put in your name, choose a snowman and then pick a Christmas Tree type. The screen moves on to decorations, and there are plenty to choose from. The two modes of operation click on a design and then trace it across the branches, or pick a decoration and drag it with the mouse to the location on the tree.

After decorating the tree, you get to choose a present. Then you get to place the tree in a field, and you can start over again creating another tree. You can always check your tress after saving them and can open the present to see what’s inside.

This game helps teach youngsters eye-hand coordination with a mouse and the right mouse button, as well as bring out the decorator in each one. Picking gifts per person is also an interesting way to see how the player thinks.

Grade: Pre K to 3

Conclusions: What a delightful little game, where the player can create a lot of trees for friends and family, and then call them over to open their gift.

Christmas Word Search

Grades 1 & Up

Christmas Word Search is a great word search game that comes with tow levels; one is small for a small puzzle and the large for more words. The words are traced using the mouse; you create a line between the letters to show the word. You are scored by time.

Grade: 1 to 5

Conclusions: A winner by any standard the graphics are clean and crisp, and the game is fun.


Grades 4 & Up

Civiballs: Aaaah, what a classic, what a game, let the rave begin. Where to start? You get a screen filled with all kinds of “traps” and mechanisms that need to be addressed. Each task is different; there are balls on chains holding down ramps, balls that when the chain is cut, move and swing, to be cut again at the right moment so that it hits another object.

Basically, this is a mechanical engineering dream world, where MacGyver would feel at home. You have chains, balls, and pitfalls and then you have two colored balls; one green and one red. You have to get them into their vases to win. You have to win to get to the next level.

This is a timed game, points are awarded for speed, and in the words of some historical character; expect the unexpected.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions: Yup, this is one to enjoy, you will lose your player into this game, it’s addictive, it’s fun, and it teaches how to think mechanically, especially with pendulums, weights and waiting for the correct moment to cut a chain.

Civiballs 2

Grades 4 & Up

Civiballs 2 is a continuation of the might winning Civiballs game. You always know when a game is perfect, by the number of extra variants that are created from the original. In this version, you get the same level of excitement and interest as you did in the first version. These puzzles are all well thought out, and it shows an intelligent mind behind an intelligent game.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions: WOWzie, this is fun, oh, and kids under grade 4 enjoy playing it too.

Civiballs Christmas

Grades 4 & Up

Civiballs Christmas is a Civiballs game with a wintery tale format, and if you thought it would be easy, think again. This is one hard game to finish, with new concepts, new ideas and a plethora of new screens. This Civiballs will blow your mind over Christmas, or any other season of the year.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions: OMG, what fun, what fantasy, what excitement and how frustrating to lose. This game is one for every age, yup, your 36-year-old Physicist parent or your 32-year-old Nuclear Scientist Aunt, the age and the education will be baffled. A true Christmas spirit game.

Clear It Addition

Grades 2 & Up

Clear It Addition is a wonderfully exciting addition trainer. This game is different. You get a grid on the screen which is filled with numbers. At the top of the screen, you get a target number. Your job is to link the numbers in the grid to add up to the target number. The faster you do it, the higher the points. There are also starred boxes that when connected while the star is visible gives you additional points. Every time a number is reached, the numbers used will vanish, and the grid will shrink to accommodate the new amount of options a viable. The game ends when all the numbers in the grid are used.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: Exceptional, makes the player think, it might seem simple and easy, but its actually going to make the player think about adding numbers and the consequences thereof.

Clear It Multiplication

Grades 3 & Up

Clear It Multiplication is just like Clear It Addition but with multiplication. In this game you don’t get more than two numbers to multiply, making this a slightly easier game to work out. However, it is time driven, and the player has to finish the grid of numbers as fast as possible.

Hint, sometimes you might see a number that doesn’t look multipliable, such as an odd one, think of the number 1.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: Another winner, this is a great way to teach and train basic multiplication, the time frame is perfect to act as a competitor, trying to beat the clock, while improving multiplication skills.

Color, Draw & Paint

Grades Pre-K & Up

Color, Draw & Paint is a classic, simple paint platform for drawing with different brushes and colors. This game gives the player an assortment of brushes that can be given different widths, and then different colors. This is a great way for youngsters to learn how to control the mouse, how to use a computerized paint board, and of course, how to enjoy digital art creation.

The game comes with a number of options, including importing a background, saving and printing.

Grade: Pre K to 5

Conclusions: It’s a painting board, a simple painting board, a few brushes, a few colors, some features, and it’s more than enough to enjoy a quick draw and paint.