Here is the sixteenth installment of 10 games reviewed.

Hoverboard Halfpipe

Grades 2 & Up

Hoverboard Halfpipe is a rather simple and really stupid game, sorry, I call it as I see it. This game is all about clicking on the mouse button at the correct moment so that he rather simple graphics overboard rider will execute a proper turn. If you miss the timing the poor guy crashes, if you get it right, you continue to click away until you fall asleep from boredom.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: Uh…wake me up when the game is over

How Many Marbles?

Grades K - 2

How Many Marbles? Spoiler alert! OK, so this is a daft game too, it’s all about counting virtual marbles in a virtual jar — the classic guessing game. Well here is the spoiler, count the total number of marble in one full layer and use this as the base to calculate multiple layers. You see, in a perfect computer virtual world the layers are all equal, unlike the real world where some marbles come with slight defects and a complete row might not be as complete as you think.

However, this is a counting game for youngsters, so let’s not spoil their fun. Let them count away happily and learn how to count quickly. After all, that’s what this game is all about.

Grade: K to 2

Conclusions: Cute games, nice graphics, good GUI, and will teach counting in a frustrating but delightful way. Don’t forget the spoiler to speed things up. (note, I did not tell you how many there are per row, that I leave for you to discover)


Grades 4 & Up

Hydro-Logic. Every now and then comes along a nice game, a good game, a great game. It’s a game that others aspire to become but never reach it. This is Hydro-Logic, a game all about water. It teaches the player how water can move in different forms, from freezing to evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation and more. The game takes the player through different levels to learn what each kind of transformation does. Then the levels deliver a maze to which the player has to move the water through different methods of form and reach the goal.

The graphics are great, the explanations and instructions are excellent, and the GUI is exceptional and the overall target of the game, which is to teach about water, is delivered in a fun and active manner.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions: This is a winner on all levels and must play teaching game for all players.

In Drmzzz

Grades 3 & Up

In Drmzzz is another winner, wow, two winners on one page. In Drmzzz is not your normal game, in fact, it’s as far from normal as you can get, which is refreshing and wonderful. This is a click and learns the game, where there are no known rules, only the trial, and error of clicking, holding and watching how the game unfolds. It’s a latent IQ test for the inquisitive and delivers both in sound, graphics, and results.

Get ready for a lot of “what do I do next,” and always reply with the same response, “click on something and find out.” This game starts differently, develops differently and requires the player’s full focus to adapt differently. The only thing it has in common with other games is that you click on the mouse to move.

Just take heed, it’s a short game, with only a few screens but is well worth the experience.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: What a nice app, great app, good app, whoaaa app, take it easy.

Independence Day Crossword Puzzle

Grades 3 & Up

Independence Day Crossword Puzzle is another ABCYa crossword puzzle game that can be played online or downloaded as a printable version. This one comes with an Independence Day theme.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: Another ABCYa crossword puzzle.

Independence Day Word Search

Grades 3 & Up

Independence Day Word Search is yet another ABCYa word search that provides lots of fun searching for words with an Independence day theme.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: Another ABCYa word search game

Interactive Number Chart

Grades K & Up

Interactive Number Chart is a basic teaching aid. The idea is that you can use the grid by coloring in specific numbers with various colors, such as tens, or fives, or whatever, and then print it to act as an arithmetic aid for all ages.

Grade: K to 5

Conclusions: A nice small teaching app that saves time to create different arithmetic grids.

Italian Word Toss

Grades 2 & Up

Italian Word Toss is a language teaching game, or to be specific teaching Italian. This is a nice little balloon burst game where you can choose to have an English word that is presented in Italian on many balloons, and you need to choose the right balloon. Or vice versa, where you get an Italian word to pick out a lot of English worded balloons.

It’s a basic translation game that is great for anyone learning Italian.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: Good for helping with Italian to English or vice versa word translation.

Jelly Collapse

Grades Pre-K & Up

Jelly Collapse is a candy crush variant with jelly instead of candies, and an accompaniment of country banjo music. This is a fun game, but it’s just another candy crush in a different form.

Grade: Pre K to 5

Conclusions: Good clean fun, and some annoying music.

Jelly Doods

Grades 3 & Up

Jelly Doods is a logic game that requires the player move the colored cubes to form one single colored cube on the grid. Cube move across the screen unless there are obstacles, and these obstacles can be for the benefit of moving the cubes since you cannot move them one or two grids at a time, they move in absolutes, from horizontally or vertically. As the levels advance the number of colors increase, the number of obstacles increases and the maze of movement within in the gird becomes harder.

The player has to think logically, plan and move with minimum steps to glean the highest scores. The game graphics are great, the screen wobble is cute, and the overall GUI is good.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: A winning logic game that delivers a lot of addictive planning, and really pushes the player to think.