Here is the fifteenth installment of 10 games reviewed.

Halloween Crossword Puzzle

Grades 3 & Up

Halloween Crossword Puzzle is a standard crossword puzzle that can be played online or pointed out. This game provides the player with Halloween based words and definitions and is another in the crossword series that appears in the ABCYa line up. Click on a line and start to answer the clue.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: A great crossword puzzle for Halloween playing.

Halloween Hop

Grades 1 & Up

Halloween Hop is a nice but typical hopping game where the player must move to either the left or right-hand side of the screen with the arrow keys only. There are platforms, and some of these platforms come with gifts that change the player’s avatar’s appearance. The game jumps by itself, so you only need to concentrate on navigating and remaining on the platforms. The game ends when you fall off a platform.

Grade: 1 to 5

Conclusions: A lovely little hop up the game with a Halloween design.

Halloween Word Search

Grades 1 & Up

Halloween Word Search is another classic ABCYa word search game with a Halloween based word list to find. Draw a line connecting the letters to form a word in the list. There are two levels, a small grid, and a large grid, and both provide you with a nice and easy list of words to find.

Grade: 1 to 5

Conclusions: Classic word search game with a Halloween theme.

Hanukkah Crossword Puzzle

Grades 3 & Up

Hanukkah Crossword Puzzle is yet again another crossword game, this time with a Hanukkah theme.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: A Hanukah theme crossword you can play online or print.

Hanukkah Gelt Hunt

Grades 2 & Up

Hanukkah Gelt Hunt; Oh my, did I already mention my aversion for those hidden semi-opaque icons on a standard background? Well, here it is again in a Hanukkah version. I think ABCYa should remove them all and replace them with a modern updated proper search program.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: I do not like cheap games.

Hanukkah Word Search

Grades 1 & Up

Hanukkah Word Search is the Hanukah version of this classic word search game that appears many times in the list of games.

Grade: 1 to 5

Conclusions: The Hanukkah word search version.

Henry and the Sugarbugs

Grades K - 2

Henry and the Sugarbugs is a lovely little story that explains in a very simple way why children need to clean their teeth every day. The beauty of this story is that it doesn’t tell the reader to stop eating sugar based food, it just tells them to brush their teeth so that the sugar doesn’t destroy the enamel leading to holes.

Grade: K to 2

Conclusions: Nice, simple, lovely drawings, gets the job done.

Hero in the Ocean

Grades 3 & Up

Hero in the Ocean is a nice maze game that is set underwater in a small golden submarine. You are given three stars to collect on the way to saving the lost diver. There are methods to opening sealed entrances, and you have to figure them out. Movement is simple, and there is no fault in hitting the walls.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: nice little maze game with cute graphics and good obstacle puzzles to work out.

Hero in the Ocean 2

Grades 3 & Up

Hero in the Ocean 2 is a continuation of the Hero in the Ocean game and comes with some graphics upgrades and more hostile environment. In this version you don’t save a diver, you search for a chest full of gold. The traps here are more dangerous, and you can lose a life when encountering some of them. So make sure you are in more control of your navigation. As with the first game, this one uses the arrow keys to move around.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: A nice maze game with great simple graphics and obvious objectives.


Grades 3 & Up

Hook is one of those games that takes simplicity to the next level, sort of like a white can in snow portrayed as a white canvas with no paint on it. It’s frustrating because there is no instruction at the beginning, they programmer wants the player to find out by trial and error. Now, if you have a high IQ or are a game adept, then you know to press on anything that sticks out on the screen, as such you start by clicking on the ball, and guess what, something moves.

You don’t realize it, but the game began. In this game, you are given constantly harder levels to clear; each level features a ball with a line and an attachment. There are many such balls arranged in various ways. You have to undo (click) on the balls to retract their lines in the correct order. This will then enable you to unravel the picture totally.

If you do not click the balls correctly and one line hits another while it retracts the game is over, and you start the level again. Sometimes the lines can confuse you, so this is an eye recognition game, you need to know which ball is connected and how.

As the levels go forward so do the controls, and you end up getting valves and connectors to deal with. This is a great plumbing/electricity planning primer.

Grade: 3 to 5

Conclusions: Great fun, extremely enjoyable and teaches the player to look and think before taking action.