Exam Season

With exam season around the corner, we notice an environment of stress and anxiety build up around students. Getting worried and stressed about exams is a common phenomenon, and can be seen among all students, no matter how good they are at studies — this stressful period of exams can bring you down. To help you pass through this with a clear head, here are some tips that can help you survive the exam season.

Take Breaks

Sometimes, taking some time away from work or studies can help you freshen your mind, and let you return back to your books with clarity and a renewed purpose. Taking a break every once in a while can be helpful. Take some time out and hang out with your friends and family, go for a picnic or watch a movie. Without taking breaks, you will overload yourself and eventually burn out, resulting in you not being able to perform well during the exams.

Get into a Good Sleeping Pattern

A good sleeping pattern gets your body ready for the early morning exams. Most people underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. If you are getting only two or three hours of sleep before the exam, you would have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning and be lazy in the exam hall. To avoid this situation, initiate a proper pattern of sleep in your study schedule. Instead of staying up late until 4 am in the morning to cover chapters, make correct use of your time to study. You might want to miss out on those trips during the day or night, but it will be worth when you get to sleep well at night and take a fresh mind to the exam hall


Exercise has proven to do wonders to the human body, and it helps you maintain your focus. Exam season is busy, and you are mostly buried in your books, but taking some time out to relax and stretch your body can be a good idea as it keeps your body and mind energized and helps you concentrate well. It does not necessarily mean that you should join a gym doing hardcore workouts; a simple walk outside the house also counts as exercise. If you don’t feel like going outside, then just run and up down the stairs for a while to keep the blood pumping.

Eat Well and Regularly

This tip sounds obvious, but many people often forget or are too lazy to do this when they are in their studying mood. Many students spend hours without getting any food, whereas some overeat because of all the stress. The goal is to get your brain the power to function properly, and this comes from eating well and regularly. Many people are tempted towards microwave foods and take-out pizzas as they consume less time, but this is not a healthy option. You need to eat proper meals that give you the right amount of nutrients. The same goes for snacks — instead of reaching out to a packet of junk, eat almonds or berries. Keeping yourself hydrated is also important.

Work in a Group

Research has shown, students who study in groups learn more as compared to the students who study alone. The purpose of a study group is to come together and discuss things you know about; this helps everyone teach others and also learn in a better way. Revising alone can also end up getting boring and might let you lose your concentration or make you feel tired, but when you come together as a group lesson become interesting.

Stay Away from Social Media

Studying needs focus, but with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media websites, it is difficult to concentrate. Imagine having a CMFAS exam the next day; could you afford to fail it because you were too busy on social media? Definitely not, that is why this is one of the many CMFAS exam tips that help. It is recommended while studying keep your phones and gadgets away, this way you won’t feel the need to check your phone every once in a while and also helps you study better.

Make Exciting Plans for Afterwards

During the stressful exam season, it is important for one to keep their morale high. Exams can be really tough on some people, but if you make interesting plans for afterward, it can help you stay motivated and let you pass through these difficult times.

Everyone becomes stressed out as soon as exam season comes near — but stress does not help. So, remember to relax and take breaks in between study sessions.