Simplified Soil Gardening
Simplified Soil Gardening

Judith looked around at her garden. It was filled with overgrown grasses and dead, flaked bark from the eucalyptus trees that towered above her. Not to mention what seemed to be never-ending weeds.

Creeper vines and, to add to the mountainous tasks, there were still bald patches of grass in sections of the yard.

At that moment, Judith wished for a gardening fairy godmother, for it all seemed too hard.

‘Where do I start?’ she thought.

There are some of us who love to potter in our garden, and then there are those of us who, like Judith, would wish for help from the dryad spirits when it comes to them.

Therefore, if the idea of garden maintenance has you wanting a magic spell, I’m here to show you how some easy steps can help even the novice green thumb.

Back to Basics:

One of the fundamentals of a healthy garden is good and healthy soil. SoHum Living Soil is a complete solution for indoor or outdoor cultivation. The nutrient-dense soil will help your plants thrive, giving you higher yields with less effort.

Along with balanced nutrients, the soil will require good hydration. Those such as irrigation controllers can help you manage the amount of water used, as well as the expanse of area that is covered.

Controllers also have manual functions, so that you can set it to do individual areas if you so wish to choose.

Along with a sprinkler system of drip irrigation, these controllers can make sure that your garden beds are receiving a satisfying and healthy drink, and you won’t have a constant need to grab the watering can.


A great thing you can do for your flower beds is to add a layer of mulch to them. This actually has many benefits for your plants.

Mulching can make gardening easier, as it minimizes the work of many gardening tasks. If you use natural mulch, such as shredded bark, you minimize watering needs, fertilization and you add natural protection from the elements.

Mulch helps your plants and soil by absorbing the extra moisture and penetrating it to the roots.

You limit fertilization needs by using a natural product, which will biodegrade into the soil, giving extra nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

It also shields your soil from the harsh weather, so acts as a natural sunscreen, by being an extra protective layer, helping it not to dry out.

So overall, mulch helps make your life easier by letting nature run its course.

Choose low maintenance plants:

One of the main ways you can make things easier with your garden is to sow low maintenance plants. According to Bunnings, “low maintenance plants are a great choice if you don’t want to spend too much time tending to your garden.”

Good options for these are cacti and succulents, as they can withstand high temperatures with minimal water, and work well in clay soil.

Australian natives, such as Grevillea and Banksia are also excellent, as they are already adapted to the climate. This can make your gardening life easier by not having a constant need to prune, water, or fertilize.

Have the right tools:

Another simple way to make gardening easier is to use the right tools. Enjoyable and beneficial as it can be, it can be tiring, as we get older.

Better Homes and Gardens suggests to “opt for non-slip gardening tools (pruners, garden trowel, weeding tools, etc.) with ergonomic designs.”

Make things easier by keeping your tools in an easy to access place.

It also helps to make things easier by carrying them around the yard together, such as in a wheelbarrow, so that they are available as you do each task. This will make sure you’re not making multiple trips.

Compost is your friend:

By using compost and doing it regularly, you will help to create rich soil that is not only healthy but also more resistant to disease.

As stated by Gardening Know How, “Add compost to your planting beds annually.” It will also help to build fertile soil and hopefully, a prosperous crop.

You can do natural compost by adding your food scraps to the soil. Worms also help the compost, as they lift the soil regularly.

By having soil that is more resistant to disease, you have less need to spray for pests and prune dead growth, which saves you time in extra work and money in pest management.

Now there is my guide to how you can enjoy gardening. With much less hassle and stress, I hope you look forward to your time in the garden.