Packing Hacks
Packing Hacks

You’re leaving on a trip tomorrow, and you have to pack! It can all get too overwhelming, especially when it’s a last-minute trip, and you don’t know what to pack and what not to pack. With the following hacks, you’ll find last-minute packing less stressful.

  1. Roll. Don’t fold. Rolling clothes saves more space, compared to when you fold and place them on top of each other.
  2. Pack heavy items in the bottom. Heavy items such as shoes, or huge books should go in the bottom to prevent from squeezing or breaking other light, delicate items you’ll be carrying.
  3. Stuff shoes with small items. Fold small items such as socks and panties. Pack them in re-sealable bags, and then stuff them in shoes. This saves you so much space!
  4. Put jewelry in your old sunglass cases. Doing so will save you from the stress of having to remember where you packed those tiny earrings.
  5. Put dirty shoes in a shower cap. Yeah, you’re in a hurry to leave, and you didn’t have time to wash your lucky pair of shoes – no need to panic. Just pack them up in a shower cap to avoid spilling dirt all over your suitcase.
  6. Pack cotton swabs in an empty prescription bottle. Save yourself the trouble of having to buy new cotton swabs as soon as you reach your destination. You also don’t want them catching any germs.
  7. Pack clothes inside out. Packing clothes inside out will help prevent them from getting all wrinkled and creased up.
  8. Place plastic wraps over your bottles. You’ll probably be carrying liquid stuff such as shampoo, hair oils, and the likes. To prevent spills, wrap them with plastic before capping them.
  9. Fold cables properly. Don’t just throw in all your cables. Tie them up nicely and gently to avoid breaking them.
  10. Pack breakable items in socks. Pack that expensive perfume bottle in a sock first before finding a nice, safe corner for it in your suitcase.
  11. Pack your necklaces in a paper straw. Doing so will save your necklaces from tangling or knotting.
  12. Put a rubber band around books. This is the best hack that will prevent your book covers or pages from folding.
  13. Opt for bar soaps or bar shampoos and powder detergents. The logic is simple – water is heavy.
  14. Mark your suitcase as fragile, even if it’s not! People will handle it with more care. After all, that expensive perfume you have in a sock is quite fragile.
  15. Pack a backpack. A backpack isn’t just ideal for fragile items or for easy access in case you need to use some items along with your journey. It might also come in quite handy in case you lose your suitcase. Pack a few extra clothes in your backpack. You might as well pack your backpack with some bulk pistachios.

With these packing hacks, you can actually enjoy packing like a pro! Don’t forget to bring a snack or two on the journey with you. Stock up that backpack with your favorite snack. You may go for bulk pistachios!