Wrist Watch
Wrist Watch

I am well-known amongst my circle of friends as “the watch guy.” Unsurprisingly, I’m normally asked for suggestions or opinions on sure things. Inside the tactic of serving to them out, I began to grasp that I’ve been following a bunch of subconscious principles for myself once it involves the acquisition of any watch; one that I could never place into words before. Over the past few months, I’ve tried to assemble these thoughts and flash them out. This text is my attempt at these principles into one factor that’s helpful, or at the very least coherent.

Do Your Analysis

This is perhaps the most important issue to do to once it. Knowledge is power. The more you research around your watch before you get it, the better. Everything you study and learn about the watch reduces the danger of you regretting your purchase later.

Knowing the dimensions of the case lets you know in advance of how to match it with your current styles and/or assortment pieces. It could provide you with some set up of what the watch would look like before you’ve got the possibility to try to it

Think Twice (or Twice) Before You Compromise on Your Dream Watch

If you’ve been dreaming some watch that costs $500 but feel it’s slightly too steep, it’s possibly best to not compromise and choose the one that costs $300 instead. If your new timepiece incorporates an identical vogue and you’re getting it as a “substitute” of sorts, consider all the pros and cons before making that purchase.

Whenever you realize, try to twiddle your thumbs and save up slightly longer to induce the watch that you really want. This can often be true whether or not the price of your timepiece is simply at any low fraction of what you’d prefer to induce on your ideal watch. Whereas each individual purchases an exclusive price at any low amount, it delayed my purchase of the Speedmaster for quite some time. So trust me and take a look into this collection of IWC Portofino watches.


If you’re one thing like me, doing all that analysis and saving up all that money makes it an easier approach to go into a local watch shop and buy it on the spot. But resist on that impulse! Take your time; try it on and see how it feels, whether or not you’ve already done it many times before.


I saved this one for last, not just because this might be pretty disputable. Forward my personal criteria and budget wants are fulfilled.

The reason for this can be often easy. Telling yourself that each watch you get can be associated as an “investment” may be a quick and straightforward due to digging an unlimited cash hole for yourself. The watch market is fickle, to say the least, and making an attempt to predict the long-term price of a watch is fussy at the simplest. Even a limited-edition watch would possibly shortly be eclipsed by a daily production model that seems better.

Secondly, this principle can be much easier on behalf of me in the flash as a result of my high-end watches that tend to be rather conservative: I buy with pleasure on minimalistic design timepieces.

Final Thought

To put it simply, buying a watch is can be an intensely personal decision that you should determine for yourself. Decide what provides your watch value, not merely financially but what features are important to you and build your decisions from there. Because, at the end of the day, the only real opinion that actually matters is your own.