Casual Dating Sites
Casual Dating Sites

This is a “to do’s” list for those (yeah, people and not just males) who want to make a long-term relationship using best free hookup sites:

1. Use your recent photos in the profile

The most general complaint that I usually hear from males is that females quite often misrepresent themselves, especially in their pictures by using the old ones (usually decades old). Women also crop their photos, so you do not figure out how is their body type. Surely, males do it too.

2. Insert critical information on your profile

In case, you are searching for something specific, just like deal-breakers you want users to tell then add important information at the top. Even if people do not read the entire profile, they will know at least you do not want kids or are basically allergic to dogs or cats.

3. Read your potential mates’ profiles carefully

Just like you take much time as well as energy to complete your profile, so did many other people. Also, just as you, people are attempting to talk to you & their other potential mates. Some people like to put real thoughts into the profiles.

4. Do not hesitate to make your first move

You can apply “traditional” dating principles in online dating (such as males make the very first move). Truthfully, I do not think that traditional dating principles must be applied even in offline dating. In case, you are getting serious about someone then you can also make the first move. It is not a bad thing at all.

5. Write a first good-quality message

Everyone knows very well that there is so much competition in online dating; hence no need to waste your time in writing some rubbish first messages. If there is something important to be said then write it down keeping your initial message brief and casual. Your personal touch does show that you are seriously interested. However, the brevity & non-committal tone reveals that you know you are unique, so you are ready to walk away.

6. Keep patience

Usually, people have a lot of serious things in their lives. So, online dating is not a priority for everyone. Often you would get responses soon. Sometimes, you probably will not even receive a single response. Do not let this faze you. It isn’t a personal reflection at all. Women frequently get messages which are downright or sexually crude nasty and mean. Many women are looking for long-term relationships. This kind of behavior normally causes people to limit their chat to just those men that they’re interested in. It is not right for you. However, it is a bitter reality that you are facing now.

7. Be polite with rejection

Dating is a bit discouraging as well. I hear males saying online dating isn’t fair at all as the female/male ratio is much skewed. Also, men say that they hardly get any responses to the messages they send. And, females’ inboxes receive a lot of messages on a daily day.