Any dog owner will know how a dog schedule is as important as any other home schedule and your dog’s health and care has to be maintained. This is another great app from the house of Tappy Taps. S.R.O. The Czech Republic.


Tappy Taps is a Czech Republic-based software studio that produces some nice and useful apps. Their founders are Jindrich Sarson and Jan Sarson, and they currently have 10 apps including Rundogo in their repertoire.

According to their site, they focus on well-designed consumer living style apps, and their flagship app is Baby Monitor 3G which has been downloaded over half a million times to date.

Their apps usually come in three languages; English, Czech, and Russian, so their market coverage is quite large.


This app was developed for dog lovers by dog lovers. Man’s best friend is an intelligent creature that should be cared for and nurtured constantly. The Rundogo app was created for those busy pet owners that need help in organizing their lives.

Reality dictates that sometimes we work so hard we have no time for our loved ones, with humans its lee of an issue, you can discuss and deliberate. Dog’s don’t have that luxury, and the last thing you want is a dejected dog. So Rundogo is the answer, an app that reminds you to care for your dog properly during your heavy and rigorous time schedules.

This is the Rundogo approach to your pooch.

Selecting the Sport

Rundogo has a selection of sports you can choose from, and they include canicross, sled dog, dog biathlon, dog scootering, bikejoring, skijoring and walking.

The screen you get is simple, focused and you get a comprehensive view of all the options in easy to understand touch buttons.

All the activities you perform with your dog are recorded, so you can see how much exercise your pet received.

Tracking Performance

You can track in real time, take snapshots to share with your friends and follow your progress as it happens, and all this on an easy to view map. The map screen is also great for trying out new routes and not losing your way. Another great feature is that you eventually create maps of different routes and can decide which route you will take each time from stored routes.

Importing from Garmin (Premium version)

If you have a Garmin device, you can track all your activities by importing them from the Garmin device into the Rundogo app.

Use your Social Network

You can use Rundogo to find friends on your social networks, follow, share and like comments of workouts and read up the latest insights from professionals. One of the best features is the friend feature; I find that many activities are coordinated in groups, which leads to a much nicer experience. It also motivates you to get out with your dog more often.

Rundogo Premium

The Premium version removes all ads and also enables that Garmin integration I mentioned above.

Rundogo Facts

Devices: Rundogo will only work with devices that have a GPS and iOS 10 or higher.

Registration: Once you download the app you can use your e-mail or Facebook account to connect.

Internet Free: The app doesn’t need an active connection to work.

Number of Pets: Unlimited, you can input as many dogs as you want, in fact, this is a great app for a dog sitter/walker.

Running Alone: Rundogo also has a “no dog” option which you can set and then you can use it as a traditional sport tracking app.

Adding Friends:

Follow these steps to add a friend to the app:

  1. Tap the two people icon which is located in the lower section of the screen
  2. Tap the person icon + in the feed
  3. Choose the network you want to seek your friend’s profile:
    1. You can search in the Rundogo system
    2. You can search on Facebook
    3. You can search in your devices contacts list
  4. Once you have selected your friend, press the Follow button. I suggest you call them up or send them a note to accept your request it will speed things up.

Price: With ads and no Garmin its free, but if you want the add free and Garmin connect, you have to pay a small monthly or annual fee of $9.99.


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