Instagram an innovative social network
Instagram an innovative social network

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram boasts of over 1 billion monthly users. This creates a promising pool for marketers and brands to tap into. However, gaining real followers and building your Instagram presence is not easy.

The first 10,000 Instagram followers are mostly the hardest to get because nobody knows you yet. But this does not mean it is impossible. We have outlined seven proven ways to get real followers on Instagram.

Post Consistently

Posting frequently increases your chances of more users seeing your post, which will ultimately increase the number of likes and followers. If you only post a few times a month, fewer people will follow you since Instagram users are always looking to follow individuals who can keep them engaged whenever they login.

The Instagram algorithms are also designed to rank your content better when you are consistent, and this increases the number of people who see your post.  Several studies have shown that you can actually almost double your followers’ growth rate when you increase your posting from less than one post per week to 1-6 posts a week.

Your followers are also more likely to double when you increase your posting from 1-6 posts per week to once or more per day.

Post Videos, Live Videos, and Stories

Posting videos have proven to offer better engagement levels than photos. Videos allow your potential followers to connect with your content and personality than they would when you post a single picture.

Live videos are also another great way to interact with your followers mostly because, unlike videos that can be edited, your followers get to interact with you in real-time during a live video.

More so, when you go live on Instagram, your account will appear right at the front of the Stories feed. The recent introduction of Instagram Reels is another feature you can use to create short videos; more users are likely to interact better with short videos than longer ones.

Repost Other People’s Content

One of the most effective ways of gaining followers without getting flagged is re-posting other people’s content.  This is a reliable option especially if you are a beginner and have not yet gained the hang of things on Instagram in terms of creating quality videos and pictures of your own.

However, don’t go re-posting every post you come across. You need first to understand what your target audience is and what your Instagram account is about. Then, check posts of people in the same niche and look for pictures or videos with the most significant engagement.

A key thing to remember is that Instagram requires you to ask for permission from the post owner before re-posting.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a crucial feature to use, especially on Instagram since using the right hashtags goes a long way in exposing your content to a larger audience. Instagram even has an option to follow a hashtag, and as long as you use a hashtag that is related to your content, this can be the best bet to grow your followers fast. Another proven effective strategy is to find hashtags that are popular in your niche. If you use these, you can reach engaged followers.

Using a hashtag generator is a great way to find the right hashtags. For instance, the crucial steps prior to using this tool is to research hashtags thoroughly by checking out what your followers are using, choose tags with low competition and high engagement, incorporate branded hashtags, and try trending hashtags that relate to your niche.

Collaborating with Others

Another effective way to boost your followership is to collaborate with other content creators in your niche, which can either be through sponsorships and partnerships with influencers, bloggers, and marketers. This is a great way to provide valuable content for your audience and also reach a new audience.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and reach out to organic audiences. The major advantages of collaborating with influencers are to spread awareness about your brands, build trust with your target audience and deliver a higher ROI. Find and contact a brand influencer you want to work with, or someone that works well with your products or services.

Pay Attention to Your Analytics

The key to growing your Instagram following is posting high-quality content that your followers engage with more. But how do you know which content your followers are engaging with the most? Well, you can get this information from the Instagram Insights icon on your profile also known as Instagram analytics. This tool provides data of your follower’s demographics, actions, and content. Moreover, it helps you evaluate and measure campaigns as well as check which posts are performing or not.

From the ‘Posts’ section, click the ‘See more’ button, and you can see your top posts sorted by impressions. Check the posts that got the most engagement as this will give an idea of the content that your followers like and engage with the most.

Engage with Your Fans

Engagement is more important than just having a large fan base or followers that may not do anything further with your business. Thus, increasing engagement on your post does not only have to come from your followers’ liking or commenting on your post.

You can also boost your engagement by interacting with your followers by liking or replying to their comments on your posts. When your followers see that you notice them and you show that you value them, they are likely to engage more, spread your word even further, and remain happy with your brand.

Final Thought

Promoting your business on Instagram, maximizing your reach, and boosting your followers can be very challenging. But if you implement the right strategies, you can supercharge your follower growth.

Remember, it’s a combination of creating high-quality content, reposting others’ content, using relevant hashtags, collaborating with other content creators, engaging with your followers, and tracking your insights. Try out some of these tips and see how much your Instagram followers can grow this year!