Adobe Spark Post – Ultimate App for Artwork and Photo Editing

Adobe Spark Post App
Adobe Spark Post App

Adobe Spark Post

This is Adobe’s profile artwork app and is part of the Adobe Spark Suite of apps. Post designed to make your photo edits cleaner, crisper, and easier to edit before uploading. The main features include pick a photo, add some text, apply Design Filters, and upload. This is a great addition for managing any social media account.

A close up of a sign Description generated with very high confidence

The world of web design is constantly changing. Where there were once complex coded systems that were designed to be bespoke, modern web design is now split into three definitive styles; the complex bespoke systems, the standard off-the-shelf systems (Wix, WP Themes, etc.) and the one-pager picturesque systems.

Adobe Spark is the one-pager picturesque king of the heap. Which is what you would expect from a company as large and prolific as Adobe. Adobe Spark Post is just one app of their Spark suite, lets quickly look at the Spark suite of products and then focus on Spark Post.

So, what do you get with Adobe Spark, let’s take a look:

  • It’s a one-pager system that punches out sites in minutes using bundled software add-ons such as their social media graphics creator and their tool to create animated videos.
  • It provides you with the flexibility to create:
    • Online resumes
    • Creative portfolios
    • Beautiful blog posts
    • Presentations
    • Landing pages
    • Product pages and catalogs
    • Photo galleries
    • Online resumes
    • Creative portfolios
    • Beautiful blog posts
  • Presentations
    • Landing pages
    • Product pages and catalogs
    • Photo galleries
    • And more

How to Use Spark

Pick a photo, add your text and then select which design filters you want that will provide the maximum effect for an immediate GUI punch.

You can resize and play around with your images easily, and if you want to get creative, you can add scrolling functions as well as design the single-page website to look like a magazine.

Videos are made easy; you can add your own, and play around with the professional-quality soundtracks and cinematic motion features that Spark gives you.

Adobe Spark is made up of three apps; these are:

  • Spark Page
  • Spark Video
  • Spark Post

Spark Post

Spark Post is the social media page developer and lets you adapt your images and videos to meet social media requirements, such as the square-shaped graphics needed for a perfect Instagram presentation, or headers you can use on Facebook and Twitter. You can also design infographics and posters, as well as create animated stories and other video type presentations.

Adobe Spark is the social media graphic tool in the Adobe Spark suite of products.


When you download Adobe Spark, the system will automatically download all the suite of apps, and synchronize them on all your devices.

Spark Post is their mobile device app that lets you play around with design on the go. So when you are sitting in the loo or riding a train, you can create amazing designs!

The Spark Post Process

I covered creating an image with a text back in February 2016 in a post called Up and Running With Adobe Post, so I won’t go through that here. Things have changed a little, but not enough that warrants a complete recap.

There is one major change that I really like, the Style Wheel. Add text to an image and then use the wheel to go through designs and colors that match the image.

Shapes are added behind the text, and the color schemes are taken from the image and really complement them well.


Animating A Post



Spark Post has ten animation features built into its panel. These are tested to preview first features, so you can click on each one to see what happens to your image as you try out the different filters. Your image will not retain the filters until you click on the tick box. If you tap on the animation feature twice, you will change its feature, such as the direction in the pan animation function.


Animation Functions

The first three animations are for changing the text by animating the text and shape surround. The other six animation features provide functions for either images alone or images with text together.

Fade: This will fade in the text and shape surround if there is one.

Slide: This will slide the text and shape surround from the left side.

Grow: This will cause your text and shapes to grow from a small size to a large size.

Zoom: This will make your image start from a smaller than the original size, and will then zoom in to a larger than original shape size like zoom.

Pan: This moves your image across the screen and will adjust the image size to accommodate this function.

Gray: This starts your image in grayscale and through the animation process regains its original colors.

Blur: This function starts the image as a blur, and it comes into focus.

Color: Like the Gray, this one takes the image and text and colors it with vivid color, it then fades down into its original color.

Fill: Similar to Color, this one fills the image with a preset color, hiding the image, and fades that color until the original image is revealed.

All these actions are reversed when tapping the function a second time.


Saving and Sharing Video

After saving your animation, you have a few options to share. These options include sharing a link, downloading the video, or sharing the file on the Adobe Spark Community.


Tap the share button on the top right of the screen. Sharing gives you three options: You can share on Twitter, Facebook, or choose the top option, Video.


Sharing your video with Facebook is done from the share menu. Sharing to Twitter requires you to save the video first. You need to access your Twitter app and create a new post, then tap the camera item and choose the video from your album. All Spark Post videos are ‘0:04’ so they are easy to spot.

Select your video for sharing in the Twitter clip, and that’s it, the video is updated to your status.


All Spark Post videos will by default play automatically in both Facebook and Twitter streams.


This is an exceptional app for quickly addressing imaging construction options and is well worth the while downloading to strengthen your social networking presence. Most important, it is Free and it is Adobe.