The popularity of almond nails is unfading and the reason behind this is pretty obvious. Thanks to the tapered shape, they look much more feminine than their stiletto or coffin-shaped counterparts. The pointed tip, in its turn, makes the almond manicure appear much slenderer compared to the round or oval one. Yet, the shape still comes out looking natural, so you can play around with designs and shades.

The Most Flattering Ideas For Almond Nails

To provide you with a dose of inspiration, we have selected the most beautiful almond nail designs that have been in great demand recently. For an extended collection of the trendiest almond nails, check out our website NailDesignsJournal.

All-Out Dark Almond Nails

One of the easiest ways to accentuate your nail shape is to paint your manicure in dark and deep colors. Chocolate brown, burgundy, navy blue – any shade will do. Yet, make sure to be very neat and precise when applying the polish, as any flaw becomes highly noticeable. So, if you do not have a firm hand, it is better to entrust this task to a professional.

Marble Nail Design On Almond Manicure

The marbling nail technique has been around for a while now and it does not seem to lose its popularity anytime soon. Thus, going for this hypnotic manicure design guarantees that your almond nails will not go unnoticed. Color-wise, you are free to choose any combinations. Yet, for an ultimately genuine look, go for pastel shades.

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Press On Transparent Almond Shaped Nails

If you are not ready to commit to acrylics and your natural nails do not allow for the almond shape, then the press on manicure is your way to go. Besides, it is a failsafe way to try on various manicure trends, such as a transparent nail design, for instance.

Almond Nail Design With Lettering

Thanks to their length, almond nails create a great canvas for your artistic endeavors. While you can obviously adorn you mani with images of any kind, you can also get some words or even messages inscribed on it. Be it an important date or a playful phrase, you can rest assured that it will come out outstanding.

Colorful French Tips

Try out a modern take on a classic French manicure and switch plain white tips to colorful ones. The variety of options here is endless – from hot pink to solid black. Just stick to those that pop against your skin tone. For a really creative and bold mani, opt for several colors at once.

Animalistic Almond Nails

The animalistic print is in again. That is, of course, if you have ever considered it to be out. One of its greatest benefits is that it allows for a myriad of design options, from minimalist to extravagant. Besides, the print itself is versatile too – the cheetah, tiger, zebra, or even giraffe pattern can be used to dress up your almond manicure.

Matte Almond Nail Design

Give your almond-shaped nails a chic touch by adding a matte top to them. Literally, any color looks more luxurious and sophisticated when given a matte finish. Hence, it becomes a perfect option for a fancy event or when you want to look your absolute best.

Chrome Almond Shaped Nails

The effect of liquid metal on nails, which can be achieved thanks to the application of special chrome powder, is a comparatively new manicure trend. Yet, is has been in great demand for several years now. And not for nothing we must say. This futuristic nail design looks out of this world.

Almond Nails With Rhinestones

Those ladies who like when their nails shine bright like diamonds should stock up on rhinestones. These little gems can spark up any manicure style and almond-shaped nails are no exception. Whether to use them as an accent or to go for an all-out rhinestone mani design is up to you. Either way, you will look stunning.

Color Block Nail Design

Color blocking is a popular technique in a fashion that implies using complementary colors to create bold and high-contrast combinations. Of course, it has made its way into the nail world. Hence, should you want to end up with a particularly stylish mani, look no further?

All that said, almond nails offer you a great many benefits in terms of design, color, and accents. They can look as moderate or as edgy as you like. No matter what style you are going to choose, there is no doubt that your manicure will look incredible.

Source: NailDesignsJournal