This is Instagram’s latest addition to video sharing. IGTV is a method to watch long-form vertical. As with all Instagram accounts, it will enable every user to upload their IGTV content.

IGTV 101

It was a dark and stormy night, when, oh sorry, the wrong intro. It was on a nice and breezy Wednesday, June 20, Instagram launched its latest app gadget: IGTV, “a new app for watching long-form, vertical video,” which is how Instagram announced this new feature. IGTV is the extended version of Instagram.

IGTV is an app designed for delivering long video content, longer than 1 minute. This is the first sign of an Instagram attack on YouTube and is a bit risqué in the world of lower attention spans.

Downloading IGTV

IGTV is both a stand-alone app, and you can download it in iOS and Android. This is a big app handling big data, so you need enough space to store and handle it. Just pop into Google Play Store or Apple Store, type in IGTV and presto you can download. It is also a component in Instagram, so if you have Instagram already installed, this latest update will bring you the IGTV button on the top of your screen.

What IGTV gives you

IGTV is designed to give you longer video content; this will increase your image coverage and branding requirements on Instagram. Take for instance Instagram professionals, those people that either present products or themselves online selling products. Until now they were prevented from providing longer than 1-minute video content which is hard to deliver a message truly.

IGTV claims you can now create content that is up to 1 hour, which is more than enough, and essentially means that IGTV is competing directly with YouTube for content paid services. The power of a longer presentation video is enough for most Instagram professionals to boost their coverage.

Using IGTV

IGTV is designed for mobile devices, specifically phones, the video is full screen as well as vertical, so you get an optimized result every time you take a video.

In the Instagram app click on the IGTV button at the tip of your screen. In the IGTV app click on cogwheel icon and then the create Channel button. Both these actions in either app will open up the “built for vertical” screen.

Now you can create a new channel and upload a new video.

Simply press next at the prompt and then create your channel. Quick and easy.

In the app, if you don’t want to create a channel and video, just for watching your own or others, you choose a channel or click on For You, Popular and Continue Watching, If you search for a new channel such as “Pomeranian,” you could get this:

During the streaming of your video, you can still swipe up to for the search and For You, Following, and other categories back on the main screen.


IGTV is a TV channel on Instagram, as such, it operates like a regular TV system. This means you can create 30-45 minute episodes of an 8 part series and upload it once a week and presto you have your series on TV in IGTV.

Essentially, IGTV could become a major TV channel aired over cable once the creative individuals start to use it as one of their home bases. Since it is optimized for phones, it could essentially become a new standard for a TV and Movie creation platform.

IGTV vs. YouTube

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom claims that IGTV could become “more engaging and perhaps more emotional.” Than standard YouTube or TV channels. What I read into this is that IGTV has realized that streaming video is not limited to professionals or amateurs over YouTube and if you have a large enough subscription level to start off with, such as being Instagram. You essentially have the potential to become a major TV/Movie streaming platform, populated by anyone and everyone.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter how professional you are if you want to create a full-length feature film or series, documentary, educational issue or just plain fun, IGTV gives you the mobile platform to reach this.

Now let’s look at how to operate IGTV like a Pro.


  1. All Instagram users will have access to your videos
  2. The Videos are vertical for optimized mobile screening
  3. You can do whatever you like, but I suggest you consider these as potential sources of income:
  • Tutorials
  • Unboxings
  • Travel Blogs
  • Product Demos
  • Educational and Tutorial
  • Team Introductions
  • Mini-Series
  • News Casts

You start by creating your channel, after which you start to populate it with your videos. If you have a following they will automatically get the new videos; if you don’t have a following, you will need to learn online marketing and networking techniques to get noticed.

Some tips on getting noticed:

Make your intro eye-catching, and yes, you don’t need to be a sexy looking woman or hunky guy to be noticed, you need a catchy concept such as “the biggest..” The Best…” “OMG You won’t believe …” etc. The more bombastic the opener, the more eye-catching it will be. Check out YouTube for the most misleading openers including photos that have nothing to do with the content.

How to Use IGTV

Seeking an Instagram user will require using your Instagram name, so make your Instagram name as easy and identifiable as possible. Think of your Instagram name as a Brand name. For instance, if you are called Lucy and you market lipstick, don’t give your username as “Lucy,” instead choose a name that will link your lips to the product you sell, and the more seductive you are, the more eyebrow-raising interest you will get. The same goes for foodies, news, sci-fi, bodybuilding etc…think regarding what will get your target market to remember your name.

How to Use IGTV

Once you have chosen a name that is searchable, every time someone enters a search term in Instagram, your name will appear among those in the search. So if you are a Pomeranian lover, put the word Pomeranian into your name.

One big market is the Uber and Lyft video market that has taken YouTube by storm, I expect to see Uber and Lyft drivers conquer the IGTV channels shortly, since adding the same video to YouTube and Instagram can be done with a flick of the app switch.