Protective Laptop Cases:

Good question, even if I asked it myself, and then went on to research the question, and find the answers. There is a lot of information floating around the internet, but nothing is better than handling the materials and products by hand and trying them out.

Well, essentially there is no best since best is subjective. However, there are objective factors that define the quality, reliability and protective features of a laptop case and they are all reliant on what you need.


A laptop is a lightweight hand-held device, it has a screen and electronic parts, is usually encased in a protective housing, and in most instances has a flip top that protects the screen from damage when closed.

Environmental Conditions

Why do you need a laptop case? Well, when moving around from place to place, and you need the laptop with you, you need to consider a case that will make transportation easier as well as protective. After all, those small bangs and dents that happen daily as we move around can eventually damage the laptop if left unprotected. This is also the case for rain, dust and other natural elements that we need to consider when taking a laptop with us. This also means, that for every geographical area, there is a different requirement, for instance, if you live in the icy north, your needs are different if you live in a dry desert area, or in a humid tropical area.

This leads us to look at the different types of protective laptop cases available and match the right one to our needs.

Case Types

Neoprene Sleeves

This is a simple synthetic soft case that is used to protect the laptop from dust, dirt, water and wear and tear. It is the preferred case for students and professionals that want fast access, and will usually store it in a backpack or handheld case.

Neoprene sleeves come with a zip and a smallholding attachment. Some come with handles and shoulder straps, others are just rectangular holding sleeves with no extras. Since these are inexpensive protectors, they come in a variety of colors and designs and are a great accessory for 90% of all laptop user’s requirements.

The downside is that since they are not hard, they will not protect your laptop from falls and extreme conditions. In other words, if you are a war zone news reporter or a deep-sea oil platform engineer, you don’t want a neoprene sleeve. Also, if you are a student or a light user, and you decide to go mountain climbing, camping or other outdoor conditions, it’s best you leave the sleeve at home and get a hard case.

Hard case

A hard case is usually a sturdy synthetic or metal material designed to hold a specifically sized laptop. These cases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Essentially, they are designed to hold the laptop and the accessories, so in most cases, they can be bulky in size. They all come with handles, some with shoulder straps. In the more security-minded cases, there will be better security devices attached, even extending to biometric locks.

A hard case is a perfect laptop protective solution; it is a great travel and extreme condition protective device. However, it is also the more expensive solution, and in some cases, can be as expensive as the laptop. When choosing a hard laptop case, consider the applications, why do you need such a device, are you traveling, or do you need it for an extreme condition area, such as a construction site, or is it to protect the contents from theft, requiring a metal “safe” style case.

Fashion Statements

There is no arguing with style, and there are some very stylish cases out there. From old leather to neon blaring abstract materials, some protective laptop cases are fashion statements. I won’t go into too much detail here since these cases tend to be found in every type, from sleeves to metal cases, and to unusual designs. Let’s just conclude that in most products, these all have a central theme, such as vintage, and come with extras to make the fashion statement shout out even more.


No matter what you decide to use, a protective laptop case will add that extra protection as well as give you the ability to carry the accessories required for managing a laptop, such as chargers, earphones, mouse and more.