When Instagram first started, it was shrugged off as just another app. Today, it is a must-have on every smartphone. Three months after inception, users had exceeded the million mark. Present usage is close to a billion people and ever increasing. The evolution of Instagram into an adaptive platform for its users has been phenomenal, particularly in personal or business branding. Later on, I will expound more on why you need to get free followers for Instagram. You can also get more tips on How to monetize your Instagram account so feel free to Visit the blog. The more the followers, the more power and visibility your brand displays online.

Is safety a concern?

Can your account be banned? Unfortunately, yes. Anyone who artificially props their Instagram accounts to boost the reach and influence can be penalized. Having fake followers translates into useless bots that do not add any business value to your platform. Commonly referred to as spambots, they are unable to give the business real impactful insight or feedback. Worse yet, they do not spend real cash on the business.

What does a strategic approach on Instagram look like?

Take a strategic approach when running your Instagram account. This way you have some level of accountability as you pursue a certain outcome. A goal-oriented strategy requires constant measuring, tracking progress and calculating the ROI. To achieve such gains, there must be a dedicated content strategy. The most influential accounts are specific and concise in their message. From a first glance, they are engaging. The yardstick of their success is a steady stream of affiliate marketing income. Whether you intend to drive in more website traffic, add to your influencer list, or add to your email lists, you need a strategic approach that attaches numbers to results. While vision is important, make them flexible and manageable. Remember, when it comes to strategy, you are the architect.

Post engaging images

Nothing short of stunning images are mandatory for Instagram. Despite the recent modifications and changes on Instagram, the images will remain dominant. Your only concern when posting should be, does it attract attention? The human brain is well adapted for visual stories. The brain processes image 60,000 times quicker than text. In that regard, put more effort into the imagery, as this creates perceived value increasing your followers.

Every day over 4.2 billion posts is published on Instagram. This should be enough incentive to ensure any post from your account is memorable and consistent with the visuals. In the world of social media, trust is won through consistency.

The power of hashtags

Hashtags work quite differently on Instagram. Here they operate as a catalog system. For instance, when making a post of certain content, you can have it accompanied by a hashtag in the description. Anyone who has an interest in the subject matter will come across your content when searching for the hashtags. So simply described, they navigate people to content that is relevant to the hashtag and ease the general user experience. Some pointers to remember when picking a hashtag are location, product, community, lifestyle, campaign, event, challenge, or subject. The more specific, the better.

Start racking up followers

Everything we have covered so far is just but a drop in the ocean. It’s a no-brainer that every new Instagram user is baffled by the huge number of followers on the influential accounts. So how does one achieve that? Provided you maintain all the pointers above, you will achieve 20 plus followers every day. First, the influx of followers will be slow; then velocity will pick up over time.

Why the free Instagram followers solution?

Accumulating followers manually is an uphill task, all the more reason for getting that extra natural boost provided you observe al the strategies mentioned above, you should realize a steady rise in organic followers. This does not mean you cannot go for an instant boost using an organic approach. Check out ProjectInsta (https://projectinsta.com/free-instagram-followers/ )free Instagram followers’ solution which runs on a proxy encrypted server; you can count on for real followers. All leads generated are healthy and are of real accounts. Available too is a free follower’s giveaway worth thousands of Instagram accounts. For more, visit our blog or get in touch.