Having physical exercise routines is very good and is usually recommended to all people, as they help to maintain good physical and mental health. However, it is not a lie that physical exercises have to tire and leave their consequences in the body, due to the great effort that is made.

So, while it is great to exercise, recovery after it is also very important. This is because when we exercise our muscles tend to suffer micro-tears, which must be repaired with post-exercise recovery. Today we will be giving you some tips so you can recover quickly after exercise with some tips and the best organic CBD oil products.

Why do we feel pain after exercising?

After doing some physical effort, either by exercise, a gym session, or sports issues that require training, you feel a sensation of pain and stiffness in the muscles. This is known as Delayed Muscle Pain and is due to muscle damage and inflammation that is suffered after any physical activity.

The inflammatory response is the process by which the body heals itself, but the symptoms of this physiological process can be detrimental to training, because of the pain it can cause.

So many people who exercise frequently, use certain measures to be able to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and thus have a much more effective post-exercise recovery.

Ways and tips to have a good post-exercise recovery

Many people who have their exercise routine established take steps to be able to recover in the best way possible after exercising. Here are some tips that many people use to relieve pain and inflammation.

Stretching before and after training

Cold muscles are usually more prone to injury. So the idea of stretching before a workout is to allow the blood vessels to dilate and ensure that the muscles are well oxygenated. In addition, it allows a greater range of motion and relieves stress on joints and tendons, which translates into fewer injuries.

On the other hand, after training sessions, limbs, muscles, and joints are warm. With post-exercise stretching, we help reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, which can lead to cramps and muscle stiffness. Stretching should be held for 10 to 30 seconds, be strong, without reaching the point of pain, and without bouncing.

Constant hydration

It is very important that after any exercise routine we rehydrate because if we have less water in our body will be much more complicated to have a quick recovery. It is advisable to drink a glass of water before starting and drink small sips during exercise. As well as drinking a glass of water after finishing the exercises.

Massage the muscles

Massage usually greatly improves muscle comfort and circulation, which promotes better distribution of nutrients after having had a strong exercise routine. Massaging directly on the exercised muscles is something that could help reduce inflammation.

And an important fact is that massages can be done in conjunction with creams, such as CBD-based creams, to have a greater effect. However, we will talk about this later.

Use of CBD-based products

CBD is one of the substances present in cannabis, however, it is not psychoactive, and on the contrary, its therapeutic benefits for the body have been demonstrated. This has caused the creation of a large number of products based on cannabidiol, such as capsules, oils, creams, among others.

In terms of pain management, researchers have discovered that CBD could contribute greatly to mitigating inflammation. So, it is a good option when you want to have a quick recovery after physical training.

And the best thing is that CBD not only helps to control inflammation and pain, but it also helps to improve sleep quality, which is super important for people who frequently exercise, and also to control the anxiety that people often feel.


We know the great importance of maintaining an exercise routine to improve our physical and mental health, however, we have learned that just as it is important to exercise, so it is important to have recovery after such exercises.

Nowadays we can do many things that help our post-exercise recovery to be much faster and effective, from the warm-ups before and after, to consume water, and even the use of products based on the famous CBD that can help us in a great way.