A roll up banner is a universal promotional tool for organizations. They can be used during events, trade shows, presentations, or other occasions. But also as decoration, separation wall, and green screen. Would you like to know more about the various applications of roll up banners? Then read on…

Roll up banner as a promotion tool

A roll up banner should not be missing among your presentation tools. They are not only useful as exhibition material but also ideal for the entrance of your office, restaurant, or store. The ideal thing about a roll up banner is that they are easy to set up. You roll the banner out of the cassette as it were and then attach it to the pole. The cassette can also be used as a handy bag. A roll up banner can be transported very easily.

Roll up banner as a separation wall

You can also use a roll up banner as a room divider. This is useful if you want to create more space at the office or in the hospitality industry. For a spacious feeling, you can also order transparent roll up banners as a partition. Do you want to create more privacy? Then just order a colored banner!

Green screen; the perfect solution for home workers

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, working at home is more and more the norm. A green screen is a perfect accessory for this. With a green screen behind you, you change the background to a professional background during online meetings or webinars. No one will see that your house is messy! It is also a great opportunity to show your logo for recognition.

Create your own roll up banner

For all the above applications, you can choose from various types and sizes of roll up banners. You can go for a budget, standard, premium, or luxury cassette. In terms of formats, you can choose from a table model to an XXL banner. This last option is so large that you can even use it as a presentation wall. For the canvas, you can choose from various materials of different quality. The most popular material for a roll up banner is bison cloth. If desired, you can add lighting to the roll up banner so that it is extra eye-catching.

These are just a few examples of promotional printing. You can also print flyers or leaflets (translation: folders drukken) to promote your business.