MaraPets is a free virtual pet site. This app comes with 21 virtual worlds and a plethora of dress up dolls. The site is constantly adding new content, and this MMOG is constantly attracting new players that can customize profiles, build free websites and be active in community contests and events. The Marapets world is a complex evolving platform containing games, shops, and activities to train, educate, battle and look after Marapets.

The Company

The Marapets website is a virtual pet gaming” web-based game that is owned by an English college student named Ian. The site aired for the first time on August 15th, 2004. There are just over 2 million members in the Marapets community today.

The company, Marapets Limited, has a registered Address located at 27 Howland Way

London, SE16 6HN, United Kingdom. Its Directors/Owners are Mrs. Geraldine Mary Smetham, and Mr. Ian James Smetham ad it was set up in 2009. The company financials reported for the year ending 2017:

£401.49k (£401,490) an increase of 38.49% compared to 2016. Total liabilities are £1.45K (£1,450), so basically there is no debt, and the net assets are £400.04k (£400,040) with cash in bank reported being £201.81k (£201,810) which is a 21.59% increase since 2016.

The Marapets World

Marapets is located in a virtual world called Marada, and all the activities are performed in that virtual environment. Marada has four different in-game currencies: Marapoints, Dukka Coins, Baspinar Points and Restock Points. There are 17 different world environments with their own activities in each world. Over time Marada has evolved from a pet game into a fantasy world with fairies and shops and a lot of other “addictive” activities.

One interesting feature of Marapets is that it is the first online game to introduce dolls as the player’s avatar. Take heed that this game was designed by students for students and is not a “nice” world. There is a lot of real life like horror involved, including the fact that the fairies are not nice here, something that was taken from a Terry Pratchett novel, where Faeries are evil creatures. In Marapets, they are mainly evil, gruesome, aggressive, and some are lazy. Some faeries are hate marapets, and the Decapitating Fairy cuts the heads off marapets, while the Light Fairy that lives in the Lost City of Simeria, in a sundial; will kill marapets and turn them into a mummy. There are more examples, but I won’t reveal all of them, that’s for you to find out.

During holiday seasons, Marapets becomes active, where the designers start to add holiday influenced features, such as on Halloween, Easter, Christmas and Saint Valentine’s day. These activities come in the form of games such as Undying Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, Advent Calendar, Pumpkin Hunt, and Valentine Hearts Hunting.

The Community

Marapets has two community lodges; these are Maramail and the Marapets forums. There are over 300 avatars, which players collect and show off in the forums. These forums are limited and suitable for children aged 13 and above.

There is an Adult Forum, which can only be accessed by buying a subscription through the account upgrade page.

The Game Features

The online site has a number of tabs, these include

Pets: This provides you with access to all the services on the game, and you just pick one of the myriad links, I have included all of them in the next paragraph.

Explore: This opens up an interactive world map where you click on a section and enter it.

Games: This links you directly to specific games, of which there are currently 46.

Forums: This is the Marapets forum and individual blog.

Dress Up: You get 23 options here, links to different marapet customization options.

Clubs: You can join a club, and here you get a list of the leading clubs and the number of members in each one.

Trades: This is where you can trade marapets using the MP currency.

Auctions: As a standard auction, you can sell items to the highest bidder, prices are in MP.

News: This is the site blog with all the latest updates and news items.

Battle: This page is where you select a battle, and can fight an opponent with any one of your pets.

Account Upgrades: A link to the upgrade screen where you buy with real money upgrades and limited-edition pets.

The Pets Tab

In this tab, you get all the comprehensive links for managing your pets, and it also gives you an insight into how deep and complex this game can be if you take the time to enjoy it fully.

  • Adopt a Pet link is a place you can buy an abandoned pet using MP.
  • Battle Arena links you to battles where you can win a large sum of BP currency.
  • Clock Tower link sends you to the undying woods and visiting can have some unusual effects.
  • Create a Pet is the link that gives you the ability to create your marapet in any one of the four base colors.
  • Disown a Pet is where you abandon a pet, and they can be adopted by other players for MP.
  • Eleka Fountain is a magical place where you toss in some RP currency, and you can wish for specific magic stats for your marapet. Wishes sometimes would come true.
  • Elite Gym is where you will tarn your marapet, and is best when you use diamonds to prepare your marapet for the in-world Olympic games.
  • Fasoro Falls is a fun place where your marapet can enjoy and even change color. (maybe)
  • Gate of the Graveyard is a dangerous place to walk by; it is populated by ghosts of marapets that were never claimed while in Zombie stage, and they will take passing by marapets as their own.
  • Gingerbread House is a place for free food, so if you don’t have enough money, visit here you get fed as much as you like for free.
  • Gourmet Food can be collected during your wanderings, and you can trade them for prizes if you bring them to the Obese faerie.
  • The graveyard is the place that marapets lurk around when abandoned and not adopted. You can claim a Zombie pet for a small fee.
  • Guillotine is a dangerous chance game owned by the Decapitating faerie that will chop off your marapets head or give it a reward for bravery, on a whim.
  • The gym is a crystal paying weight room that can improve your marapets strength, speed, and health.
  • Hospital is where you bring an ill marapet.
  • Hotel is where you take your marapet when you need to leave the game and want them to be well cared for while you are away.
  • Ice Caves are a great place to increase your magic stats and MP, but they also have strange side effects, and you can get lost in them.
  • Job Centre is where you bring an unemployed pet, yes, pets are like humans, they need to work to earn a living and pay for their survival.
  • Minipets shop is a store that sells mini pets to your marapets.
  • Minipet Resort just as you have a hotel for marapets, marapets have a resort for their mini pets. Amazing what you can do when you think about all the inane stuff of life.

  • Murfin Madness is a rollercoaster game for your marapets, that will either have fun or barf.
  • Olympics are the marapets Olympic games if you win you get special points to use at the Olympic Points Redemption Shop.
  • Operations Portal is a rather unusual place where pets can change color and even species, use it wisely, or not at all.
  • Pet Auctions are the only way to buy and sell marapets using MP currency.
  • Pet Breeding in a laboratory will create DNA mini pets as well as mutations, so be careful. (or not)
  • Pet Colours is the page where you can choose the costume colors for your marapets.
  • Pet Exchange is a place where you can use MP currency to pay fees and accept pets that are sent to you by the Maradans.
  • Pets Forum is the strutting grounds where you show off your marapets, as well as discuss trades.
  • Pet Lending is the method to lend a marapet to another player, safely.
  • Pet Shops are the Marada stores for marapet food, toys, and accessories.
  • Pet Trades are where you accept or reject trading offers.
  • Photo Parlour is where you take photos of your pets and create a photo album.
  • School is just like regular school, enroll your marapet so it can learn a trade for future employment.
  • Sewer Pipes are accessible after you complete the Sewer Pipes Treasure Map, which will give you free MP and stats for your marapets.
  • Simerian Statue is a place that shares random bits of school information with your marapet.
  • Town Hall is where you can change your marapets name, legally of course.
  • Undying Minipets can be created by using blood and matching bones from the Grave Robbing site that is located in the Undying Woods.
  • University is where your marapet will complete its education after school; you can get a scholarship too.
  • The webcam is a feature to take photos of your marapets.
  • Whirlpool is the place to go to change your marapet; some can even become a limited edition after a dip in these waters.
  • Witch Doctor is paid in RP and removes or protects your marapets from any curses made by a voodoo doll.

There are 46 flash games in total, and a further 39 free games, 29 points to play games, 32 quest games, and 32 mission games. In terms of games by category, these games split into five categories. There are 19 collection games, 21 goal games, 9 contests, 44 reward games and 26 daily pet games.

Before I conclude, I have to give a detailed look at the customization capabilities, this is found in the Dress Up tab.

Dress Up

  • Lush Fountain: this is where you change the clothes and shoe colors.
  • Clothing Packs are upgrades that can be bought for real money.
  • The wardrobe is where all the clothing items and accessories are kept.
  • Clothing Rack can be visited once a day for free, and you get free clothing.
  • Lip Stick is available for your pet’s lips.
  • The salon is the place where you give your marapet a hairstyle.
  • Visit the salon to dress up your doll with a new fashion hairstyle! Give your doll the coolest hair!
  • Clothing, obviously is what you buy to dress up your marapet
  • Walk of Fame is where you look for your marapet when your pet becomes a celebrity
  • Vending Machine is free and gives you clothes if you can find the instructions.
  • Shoes, obviously your marapet needs shoes, and if its female marapet it will need a lot of them.
  • Bearber is where you get a facial, but only after you collect all 16 pieces of the Bearber Treasure Map
  • Tattoos are also found here, and you can change them like clothing.
  • Contact Lenses are a great way to change your marapets eye color.
  • Hair Dye is available to color your marapets hair
  • Plastic Surgery, yup, you can go to the Planet Enpiah and get an illegal nose job, but don’t cry if the results are disastrous.
  • Yuni Brows are coupons that enable you to change your marapets eyebrows (yippee)
  • Glasses are obviously available for your short or long sited marapet
  • Wigs are a great way to change your look, maybe cheaper than a visit to the salon.
  • Ugly Contest is a fun place to win a free contest, just dress up ugly and enter to win a prize
  • Advent Tree instructions are available if you find them, and you will get free, rare clothing, costumes and wigs every day in December.
  • Beauty Contest, just like the ugly one, but for beautiful marapets
  • Tanning Salon is a great choice to play around with your marapets skin tone.
  • The dentist is the obvious place to go for that gleaming white smile.


As you can see from the detailed explanation in this review, that the game and world is intense. All I can say is that if you don’t want to be hooked, don’t start using it. You have been warned.