Numerous students are interested in finding ways to make money online. So, how can a student earn enough money to afford a cool computer, all entertainments, and even a car?

iCheapessay.com experts know a lot about earning money online, and that is why we decided to write this article. Here is the list of 7 ways to make money online for students. Actually, the only thing you need to invest is your time and a bit of effort.

More and more young people want to gain financial independence. In some families, parents can’t provide their student children with financial support after sending them to the other city or even state, but there is no reason to panic. Here is what you can do to make money online as a student and to begin living your life while studying in a university, college, or even high school.

Make Money Online: Writing Reports, Coursework Papers, Informational Articles

Try finding clients to buy your intellectual products on freelance stock websites or using special services. It is the way to find out new things about the world while you make money online as a student: beginning freelance writers can potentially get up to $5-10 per page of their text.

Many students successfully work as copywriters: they create unique informational or sales texts.

Copywriting is a separate field of activity which already became a profession bringing significant incomes. It includes rewriting, sales copywriting, and SEO-copywriting. Those are three levels of text writing.

Rewriting means the easiest and simplest way to create a new text. It is about changing the original text through the use of synonyms, paraphrasing, and changing the order of words and sentences. As you might understand, even high school students can try to make money online with rewriting.

Copywriting is about writing texts “from scratch.” The example of a real copywriting is a scientific report about the latest invention or a fiction book writing. Thus, it is essential for a text to be unique not only in terms of a structure but sense. So, as a copywriter, you should get specific knowledge in some field first to increase your success chances. Obviously, copywriting can bring you a lot more incomes than rewriting.

Finally, SEO-copywriting. It means writing texts and their optimization according to online search requests.

It is, probably, one of the most complicated (and valued) copywriting spheres, but newbie writers shouldn’t take expensive orders at once. SEO-text is the text optimized for popular search requests of online search systems. The goal of such articles is quite obvious: to promote the website. Prices for SEO-articles are quite high: website owners are ready to pay experienced SEO-copywriters.

Make Money Online: Consultations and Video Guides

If you are a specialist in a particular field, it is possible for you to make money as a student by giving paid consultations. Experts known in appropriate circles can get from $50 to… lots of funds per single Skype call and a personal meeting can cost even more. Students can earn up to $100 per hour of online consultation.

Besides, it is possible to create a YouTube channel and make money online with it. Even a kid can learn how to fill it with personal video guides. Later, after the channel becomes popular, start earning funds on commercial ads placed in videos.

Software Creation

IT students have the opportunity to get perfect practice in informatics and programming by writing ordered software of various difficulty levels. Same as for articles, it is possible to make money on freelancing websites. Mobile software development is a separate perspective market where lots of programmers earn money online.

Even beginning programmers can make more than $700 monthly while working part-time and having enough time for studying. Additionally, many professors like students who begin practicing programming early. So, by demonstrating your achievements to teachers regularly, you could even get higher grades at school or college.

Social Media and Partnership Programs

Try registering in different partnership programs and make money online with them.

To do that, a student needs to have a social media account or a website with a community of at least 15-20 thousand subscribers. It is the point when you should start making deals with other large groups about respective advertisements or paid links to your partner at your website.

So, don’t waste time and start learning online marketing, as the future belongs to it. It is possible to earn up to $100 per day on partnership programs.

Personal Website or Blog

Have you got the talent to attract people’s attention? In this case, you can easily create a website or blog and make money with it. To do that, you should determine your target audience and choose a bunch of topics interesting to them.

Of course, creating the website makes the point only if you know SEO and Internet promotion well. Otherwise, your chances to make money online with the site are quite low.

Additionally, this way to make money online requires certain investments. You’ll need to buy a domain and pay the hosting platform where the website is regularly updated. In case you can’t write quality articles yourself, the solution is paying people for copywriting services.

Fortunately, today, you don’t need to know programming languages to create a simple blog website.

Modern CMS (content management systems) make the job of a webmaster much more comfortable. All they should do is write (or buy) contents (articles, photos, videos) and place it on the website or blog.

To a website promoted well (nearly 200 daily visitors), it is fine to add some context ads: it is the primary source of money here. Additionally, banners or partnership links in texts and descriptions can bring good incomes.

Any student can make money online. The point is to find your niche and ground your position there solidly. Incomes won’t appear magically. But you’ll make mistakes and get experience, and then stable earnings will come.

Internet Business

It is good to start an internet business if you have entrepreneurship experience and know IT a bit.

Ways to make money online on Internet business for students:

  • Info-business: sell your video guides (books, coaching videos, movies).
  • Freelancing: complete paid orders. Among freelancers, designers, programmers, and other specialists connected to website creation and Internet marketing are most wanted.
  • Profitable info-website: we’ve told about it above.
  • Internet-store: Web trading is growing big nowadays. After creating your online store, you’ll be able to go in for business without geographical connection to a place and with minimal investments and expenses.

Twitter Earnings

Many people don’t know that Twitter can help to make money online and not only to exchange short messages with friends. It is possible to promote the account and get paid for messages in case you have a lot of subscribers.

As you see, there are many ways to make money online for students. All you need is patience, will, and hard work. And who knows, maybe what started as a part-time income source will later become your great deal.