Novice professionals making their first steps into the workforce fresh out of college often have a difficult time finding a job willing to take them in and train them in the modern job market. While it might seem like a risk to recruit a recent college grad, hiring someone who is eager to be trained and mentored and will work hard to learn and succeed can be a great addition to your team.

Recent college graduates need experience in their fields to get experience and pick up some skills and insider tips and tricks along the way. Whether they’re going onto higher education or entering the workforce with their completed education, taking a recent grad under your wing and showing them the ropes gives you a motivated and eager-to-learn employee who might end up sticking around for the long run.

Sometimes recruiting the right graduates for your team can be difficult. Here are a few simple and effective tips for hiring recent college graduates!

Be descriptive

When looking to recruit recent college graduates it is crucial to be descriptive in what you’re looking for. Writing up detailed requirements and expectations as well as thoroughly communicating what you’re looking for in an employee is a great way to catch the attention of up and coming professionals in the field.

Stepping into the field fresh out of college is an anxiety-inducing experience for new graduates, so being detailed and communicating everything that would be expected of them as well as what they will be doing and learning is important to catch their attention.

Giving potential employees all the relevant information they would need to make their decision and decide if they can fit your needs makes recent graduates feel more comfortable about applying to join your team and will help everyone involved make the best choices for them and the benefit of the company.

Hunt for the right schools

A great way to find the right college grads with the right degrees for the job is by looking at specific schools and universities that train and educate up-and-coming professionals to fit your needs. Different universities specialize in different fields, so looking for the ones that cater specifically to your field and needs will help you identify a wide range of recent grads looking for experience and careers in the field.

Go online and look up schools with the best educational and training programs in the field. These schools have some of the best-educated and trained students and will be willing to connect you to some of their recent grads or even current students for the future. The graduates from these schools will be much more interested in specific jobs in their career field.

Set up at job fairs

Many universities and trade schools set up job fairs and invite a wide range of professions and companies to come to talk to and recruit their students. This is another great way to recruit recent or up-and-coming graduates because the school invites you right to their campus and many students love these events and the job opportunities they bring.

Reach out to schools that are known for their academic programs in your desired field and get yourself a spot at all of their upcoming events and job fairs. This will give you access to a wide range of students and graduates who are looking to pursue a career in your field. Students and job seekers who attend these job fairs come specifically to scope out the market and get up close and personal with potential employers.

Bring a lot of information about your company like average salary, job description, along with telling the new hires about the culture of your company and the positions available so you can answer questions and attract recent graduates looking for a starting point in their careers.

Securing a spot and setting up at job fairs and other university events is a great way to get access to a wide range of up-and-coming professionals and recent graduates to recruit!

Promote your brand

Most brands in the modern age target recent college graduates for their hard-working attitudes and eagerness to learn, so sticking out among the endless companies and businesses can be difficult when so many reach out to up-and-coming professionals every day. Promoting your brand in the best light and reaching out to the right students for the job is a great way to recruit recent college graduates with the latest and greatest education.

Look at the audience whose attention you want to captivate with the best opportunity and position with your company. Targeting the graduates with the right degrees will increase your chances of catching someone’s interest. Use a multitude of marketing strategies including social media, setting up at events, getting in contact with school counselors and professors to name drop you, and many other tactics to get your name out to potential hires.

Promoting your brand and business opportunities to recent college graduates looking to kick start their careers in the field will give you a fresh new hiring pool to find your next batch of potential employees!

Offer internships

In recent years Universities and other trade schools have started requiring their students to have internships in their field of study to get some real-world experience in the workforce before getting their degree. This opens up an opportunity for businesses and companies to offer internships that will help students meet their degree requirements as well as bringing on a fresh face for the future.

Internships can be paid or not, but offering a paid internship to students will help them get their degree and give them some cash to fund the rest of their studies and will have you swamped with resumes and potential interns looking for guidance and experience. College students and recent graduates seeking internships are hungry for experience and will be happy to be trained in the field.

Offering internships is a huge incentive for college graduates to reach out for employment with you and gives you access to a whole new hiring pool of eager-to-work and learn students with the most up-to-date education!

Build the perfect team

While some parts of the professional world are still wary of taking on a recent college graduate, everyone has to start somewhere, so businesses that are taking a chance on a fresh face and hiring students first thing out of school are finding success and building a strong and success hungry workforce.

Recruiting and hiring fresh college graduates can seem like a difficult task, but with the right promotional information, marketing, and incentives for the new hires, handpicking and making some new additions to the team can be simple and highly profitable!