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Have you ever tried to start a project without proper planning? If you have, most probably, it ended in a failed project. Am I right? You could relate to that if you don’t consider the pre-requisites to initiate a successful project.

In this era of “Scroll,” you need something catchy to retain the client’s attention to your project. It turned into a complete disaster if you don’t consider the modern world’s marketing ways. There comes animation video to support your voice that you are raising to build your authority in the field you’re trying to make progress.

If it’s your first project, then slow down. It may look like a lazy process, but in the end, it’ll save you from the failure of the project. Take your time and come up with proper planning with thorough research about your competitors.

“You cannot win the modern-day war with old technology.”

Does it make sense? You’ll get the answer about how to start an animation project from Wow-how animation company.

You must be following the five steps when it comes to the initiation of an animation project.

Conduct a research

Whether you’re a beginner or already launched an animation project, there is a dire need to conduct in-depth research. First of all, know your story. Are you in the animation just because of any vague idea? Haven’t you researched the core concepts of the animation project? If not, then it’s high time to plan your strategy and come with a pre-preparation.

It includes the following steps:

  1. Write down the script
  2. Notes about camera
  3. Complete know-how about tools

Once you make sure about these steps, your first step toward the animation project is completed.

Know your characters

Don’t just rely on a quick first-time sketch of characters. Instead, try multiple times and consider drawing the entire body from various angles to strengthen your decision. Jot down the ideas you have collected during the research process. It’d be better to come up with variety rather than sticking to one or two sketches.

It’s recommended to draw illustrations for different situations as per a variety of emotions. Fill your story with powerful characters. Better to design full character sheets. Try to give a shape of character that you already have in your mind. The main thing is drawing on paper to polish them and become memorable characters like Tom& Jerry.

Plan your scenes

The most innovative approach is to plan the scenes according to the story. Proper planning is required to ensure that any particular scenes would be better to come at a specific time.  If you’re new to this, consider hiring services of Animation Company. They will provide the full-fledge animated video that will turn the viewers into your subscribers.

It’s essential to mark where one scene ends and the next starts. The requirements of each scene must be well-planned to form a coherent and smooth story. This step depends on the research step. If you have done thorough research and planned everything already, you’ll easily tackle this hurdle in no time.

Decide the timings

Animated videos length can be between 5s to 2 hours. However, the long videos are not highly converting when it comes to return on investment. Shorter the video, the heavier the revenue in return. You need to decide the length of the video and come up with the plan accordingly. Analyze animated videos of your genres and get an idea of their length.

Once you decided the length of the video, it’s time to assign the time for beach scenes. Everything doesn’t speed all the time. Sometimes, the characters can run. Better to plan for how much time they’ll be on screen.

In the end, keep in mind people love to watch story-telling videos. So, plan the videos according to avoid any distractions during the video. The more you retain the viewers’ attention, the better it’d be for your animation project.

What do you need to tell to Wow-how company during the appointment?

Are you searching for the best company that can handle your animation project? Is it so, you’re no longer exposed to anxiety when you have a Wow-how animation company.

It has the formal procedure that you need to follow if you get your animation project done. Procedure includes,

Company information

Once you have made an appointment with Wow-how, first of all, you need to tell about your company. How it works and what is the activity of the company. How much progress it has made so far. All about the company: secondly, you’ll have to tell them about the target audience and state the difficulties you face in your market. Let them know about your competitors and what challenges you need to face to meet the pace.

Your future goals

Describe your company goals when you want to have an animated video about your company. Studies have shown that there are 90% chances that you’ll turn to an animation project due to the rise of sales and high return of investment (ROI).

It’s understood that when you describe your company offers and launched products in such a way every common get an idea about the company, then company reputation will be increased. This is the exact method big companies use to scale up their business.

If you want to get high sales, go to Wow-how animation company and know the secret on how to start an animation project.