Importance Of Hashtags In Email Marketing And Its Effect On SEO


Instagram and hashtags go hand in hand and can be the most powerful and effective tool to promote a business. However, if you are new in social media you will not be aware of the power of hashtags. These are ideally:

  • Short links
  • Denoted by the ‘#’ symbol and
  • Preceding a short text of one or a couple of words.

To one who is new to Instagram may find these hashtags very confusing and even unnecessary at times. However, in reality, these hashtags are an integral part for communicating with others online.

In order to make the best use of it on Instagram to make your email marketing most effective, it is essential that you know how exactly you can use these hashtags in your favor. Proper use of these hashtags will:

  • Turn the words into a searchable link directly
  • Allows you to organize your content and
  • Help you to track the discussion topics.

You must use these hashtags based on the keywords used in your content so that you can start a conversation. You can even see all the mails and posts in real-time when you click on these hashtags.

Historically, the use of hashtags was widespread with Twitter but, over time, it has extended its presence on other social media platforms, especially Instagram. Thoughtful use of these will help your SEO and email campaigns incredibly.

How does it work

Hashtags ideally improve your social media activity as well as email campaigns in a specific way. When you use a particular hashtag, it will:

  • Keep all the favorite topics in the loop
  • Tag your posts and you with popular words and
  • Increase the chances of Instagram followers finding you.

However, to make it work best for you and your email campaigns you must keep in mind that you must use hashtags that are relevant to:

  • Your company
  • Your email campaign and
  • The content of your posts.

If you use irrelevant hashtags it will only clog the feed of the Instagram followers. Moreover, research has found that different social media platforms and search engines have a different liking for the number of hashtags used in a post. For example, Facebook and Twitter posts should have fewer tags, and, on the other hand, Instagram usually favors nine hashtags.

Using hashtags in email campaigns

Hashtags seem to be everywhere and therefore you may also use it for your email marketing campaigns. If only you can use it properly, it will increase the open rate as well as enhance user engagement. Ideally, there are five proven ways in which you can use these hashtags beneficially for your email campaigns. These are:

  • Connecting your social marketing strategy and emails with one particular hashtag that represents your brand as well as your marketing campaign in the best possible way. You should use this same hashtag for all social media platforms and your websites. Just make sure that you research for the most popular hashtags which are easy to remember and to get engaged with.
  • Finding and displaying User Generated Content or UGC will also enhance your social proof and visibility. This will also build trust among people more than what you say through your posts and therefore leverage your email campaigns.
  • Promoting a hashtag contest for your brand will also help in your email marketing campaigns. This will help you as well as the users to see all those submissions when they look for that specific hashtag. The best way to do is to feature the winners in your email to reiterate those hashtags.
  • Using hashtags in the subject line of your emails is also another useful way to boost conversation and increase your email list. This will make your emails stand out in the inbox of the receivers and even save some valuable space.

Lastly, make sure that you do not overuse hashtags as that will make your posts look extremely unprofessional. Make it more visible and easier to see by using one or two words and capitalizing the first letter of each word.

Benefits of using hashtags

Most of the businesses and brands use hashtags in their email marketing because it provides them with a lot of benefits.

  • If you can find and use the best email marketing hashtags, it will boost your following significantly.
  • The use of powerful and popular hashtags on Instagram with your emails will also help you to reach out to your target audience, influencers, and entrepreneurs more easily and organically.
  • These hashtags will not only help in smart targeting of your audience but will also help in increasing the exposure of your emails in the digital space.
  • You will be able to track your progress using these hashtags, of course, with the use of a performance analyzer tool.

Most importantly, it will help you to get more Instagram followers who will be more engaged with your content.

Best email marketing hashtags

Here is the list of some of the best email marketing hashtags that you can not only use in Instagram but also in other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. These are:

  • #emailmarketing
  • #digitalmarketing
  • #contentmarketing
  • #seo
  • #onlinemarketing
  • #socialmedia
  • #socialmediamarketing
  • #marketing
  • #email and
  • #marketingstrategy.

Make sure that you use only popular and trending hashtags that have a long life in your emails for the best results.

Embedding Instagram posts in email

An Instagram post is primarily a photo. If you want to embed it in your emails you must:

  • Find the best photo relevant to your brand and message
  • Click on the three dots at the bottom of it and
  • Click on ‘embed.’

You will then get the embed code which is different from the link of the photo. Copy the HTML link and then follow the instructions. This will enable you to customize the photos that you want to embed in your email.

Another important and useful way is to hold Instagram contests. This will not only complement the photos but will also enable the users to take or vote on the best photo easily and quickly. All these will boost your email campaigns.