If you are thinking of getting the Envato Elements Subscription for WordPress themes, I would warn you not to. The WordPress themes which they provide are worthless and slow.  I got their yearly subscription hoping that the WordPress themes which they provide with the subscription will be similar to ones being sold on Themesforest.com.

But what I found out was that the themes they provide are not properly updated. When I checked the demo of the themes, those looked fine. But when I installed the theme and demo, the look was totally different, and yes I know how to configure the Envato Elements WordPress themes properly.

The only theme with AMP (which is quite essential for ranking high on Google Mobile Search Engine) was only available in FLOW WordPress theme. So I uploaded the FLOW WordPressTheme and installed it. After that, I installed the demo.  Look of the theme which I installed on my website was very different from the demo provided on their website. Best description of the design would be crappy.

Even with such a crappy design, it took a whole minute to load. I tested it on google for speed, the results were horrible. In my browser at least it was loading, but in Google Page speed test, it didn’t even load. Page speed was unavailable.

As I was not satisfied, I asked for a refund. I was refused because I downloaded 3 images and two of their lame WordPress themes, which were totally useless.  I even asked them to give me store credit but they still refused to refund any money.

My suggestion for you the buyer who is looking to get their subscription for WordPress themes is, please don’t, just stay away. If you don’t believe me you can try the one month subscription. But still I would suggest you to keep your money and buy something useful.