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How to Protect Your TV Outside

You are leaving the electronics store with your brand new, state of the art television. You have finally completed your outdoor living room, and you rush home and set the whole thing up. It looks great, but how do you keep it looking great even in rough weather? How do people or restaurants have outdoor televisions and keep them working? Do not let your purchase get ruined by the elements, learn here just how to take care of your TV, and keep your outdoor den entertaining your friends and family for years to come.

Make it seem like its outdoors without the outdoors

You spent all this money on the perfect furniture and television, and now you need to have weatherproof protection to make your investment worth it. Well, what if you could make it worth it year round and not just during the nice weather months and on the days where the weather is perfect? What if you could have all the amenities of the outdoor den, but still be indoors? That is where the sunroom comes in. If the outdoor TV is located close enough to the house, you can protect that beautiful flat screen with an enclosure that will protect television and furniture alike and provide an incredible addition to your home.

Outdoor TV Covers

The outdoor television cover is a great and cost-effective way to protect your purchase. Typically, these are sleeves and covers that are made from high quality waterproof and weatherproof material that can be slid over and around the TV, protecting it from direct elements associated with being outdoors. These usually cover retail for around $50 and are made of a material similar to vinyl. This option also doubles as an easy do it yourself project for someone short on money but long on the desire to protect their television. If you choose to go this route, be sure to use a weatherproof material, with strong seams to make sure it fits snugly on the television, and then create some sort of closing mechanism with a product like Velcro or button snaps to ensure that the material is closed solidly and moisture and insects can not get into the outdoor television cover and ruin your purchase. Whether you purchase an outside TV covers from the manufacturer like garnetics or make one yourself, be sure to continually check the product for signs of moisture or damage and stay on top of any maintenance that needs to be performed. Many of these cases will not protect the TV from intense heat or cold.

Simply Purchase an Outdoor TV

Yes, they make television specifically for you and your outdoor den and viewing area. You may have looked past them because of their much higher cost, with 55-inch outdoor television going in the neighborhood of $7,000, but these television are built with LED, LCD, PLASMA screens and can withstand extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum. They are built to withstand the elements that come with year-round outdoor storage, including heavy rain and snow. If you have the money and do not want to deal with the covers and makeshift solutions that come with placing a typically indoor television outdoor, this may be the move for you.

Buy an Outdoor TV Enclosure to Protect Your Purchase

You most likely have an enclosure of some sort protecting your home entertainment system in your indoor living room, and for those looking to enjoy their favorite programming outdoors, they have prepared this option for you as well. Outdoor enclosures have a reputation for being hit and miss and can cost you an arm and a leg to buy, and they are not even weatherproof, more of the public relations tested term, weather resistant, in that they may deteriorate and retain moisture on humid days that could have disastrous effects on your TV. These enclosures, which can cost north of $700, may need additional features you have to pay for, like fans to keep the moisture out of the TV and the inclusion of gel packs to keep the television cool and to work properly after storage. Additionally, these enclosures often do it yourself projects, that require an electric drill and a steady hand. Meaning, you either have to risk home installation and potentially drilling several holes that may not work or leave TV crooked or askew, and leave you frustrated. Or, you will have to hire a professional installer, if one is even available to you from where you’ve purchased the enclosure, and pay another cost associated with your outdoor TV set.

Build your cabinet to store the television

This is a much more cost-effective way of protecting TV outdoors from the elements in between uses. Here, you can use any sort of material that you are comfortable with and build your storage area for TV. This option also comes with the issue of what to do with the humidity associated with leaving your TV in an enclosed storage area. The best option available to you would be to leave the storage area slightly open as to keep the air circulating and prevent the build-up of moisture and electronic killing humidity. Here, you will also want to have an LCD television as humidity and outdoor elements are much more corrosive to a flat plasma panel regardless of the enclosure.

Use your house to protect your TV

This answer is a little more innovative and utilizes an outdoor sound system rather than placing your actual television outside. Please your television inside the home but up against a window that faces outdoor furniture and viewing area. From there, purchase a set of outdoor speakers and place them strategically throughout the viewing area and consume your entertainment. This will keep the TV perfectly safe throughout the year and still provide you with outdoor entertainment. It is also much easier to store speakers indoors after use than to store a television outdoors.