best water purifier

Water purifier had taken up an essential place in every kitchen these days. They are several reasons for this massive demand of the purifiers. The increasing pollution and crisis of fresh, clean water for consumption had made purifiers a necessity in every household. With the rise in demand for these products, many manufacturers have come up providing similar services. In this competitive market, you need to make sure that when you buy a purifier, you invest in a rightful product.

You require to follow a series of steps to make sure that your investment does not turn out to be a disaster. Here are the necessary give steps which would help you to choose the ideal purifier for your home:

Step Number: 1

First of all, you need to know about the water thoroughly. This means that you need to check and see how much contaminated the water is. It is important to check the chemistry of water because the water purifier which you will buy entirely depends on the quality of water. To know the available content of the water, you need to visit a laboratory. At a water analysis laboratory, they check the components present in the sample water. First, a general water test is undertaken. These are things which are calculated by conducting a general water test:

· Total number of E. Coli bacteria

· Dissolved nitrates

· The pH value of water

· The number of suspended particles.

· Presence of fluorine.

· Other contaminating agents like pesticides

· The presence of other harmful industrial pollutants.

You can contact the Aquaguard helpline number for getting related information regarding the water type. These water purifier companies have professionals who have immense knowledge in this field. They would provide you with the primary information regarding water purification, making it easier for you to decide the type of filter you need. The pollutants present in water plays an important role. It is because based on the results of the sample water test you can decide that if you need an RO type water purifier or ceramic type of water purifier or a machine which can do both.

Step Number: 2

Once you have chosen the type of water purifier you need by considering the water type, there are several other decisions to make. You need to decide whether you need the water purifier for the water starts off your entire house, or you want to have it installed for the water tap, which is meant for collecting drinking water. Once you decide this, you can call Aquaguard helpline RO number and get professionals to get the water purification system installed at your home.

Step Number: 3

Well, before giving the final confirmation call for getting the professionals at work, it is recommended that you undertake small research. They are several brands and companies which provide the service and products of water purification at home. You need to shortlist the best ones from the list of brands available in the market.

Well, you need to understand the standard of the product. There are a few in institutions like:

· Water Quality Association (WQA),

· National Sanitation Foundation (NSF),

· Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

These acclaimed institutions, after checking the standards and the products of the manufacturing company, give accreditation. This accreditation serves as the mail of safety for the consumers. This mark is provided by the acclaimed institutions only after thorough scrutiny and trial of the products which the water purifier company is manufacturing. Only when the products fit all the criteria, it is approved. So, if you buy a purifier keeping this mark into consideration, you know that you are investing in a safe place.

Step Number: 4

There are many brands like PureIt, Swach water purifier, Aquaguard, which provide the service of water purifier in the market. However, if you are interested in buying the most excellent quality of filters and membranes, let me tell you, they are quite expensive. You can conduct online research to check and compare the features and the process of the water purifier which are available in the market. While checking for the ideal purifier, make sure that you check the following things:

· The price of the product.

· The features provided at that price

· The working mechanism of the filter present in the purifier.

· The maintenance cost of the machine.

It is recommended to consider the maintenance cost of the purifier machine because if it is too high, you would have to face several problems in getting it serviced. For getting better feedback and features of a particular product, you can contact Aquaguard Customer Care Number.

Step Number: 5

Walking into the shop to buy the product of considered as the final step in the process of getting a purifier at your home. So, when you step into the shop for purchasing the product, what are the questions which you should ask the retailer?

Well, here are the questions which you should ask by calling the Aquaguard helpline Number so that you get hold if the right product.

· Ask if the product has the accreditation from the acclaimed institutions like the NSF, FDA, and WQA or not.

· Know about the time interval at which you need to change or clean the filter (in case of sediment filter) and membrane (in case of RO filter).

· Ask about the warranty provided on the different parts of the purifier machine.

· Ask for the number of free services which the company is offering to the customers.

· All about the warranty period provided by the purifier company.

· If you are buying an RO purifier, make sure you know the speed of filtering. It is because if you require a fast water delivery system, RO filters with slow speed can cause hassle. So, always make sure that you buy a purifier which ensures that the flow of water is fast.

If you follow these steps, you can quickly get the best kind of purifier for personal use. There are a few types of water purifiers which combine two or three types of techniques for better results. Whatever be it, do not get swayed with the brand name only. Make sure you apply for Aquaguard Service Request and check the factors mentioned above so that you get a good return of your investment.