what is seo

The concept of SEO is thrown around one too many boardrooms, with not everyone understanding just what it includes and how it can impact the visibility and bottom line of business. Could it be that silver bullet that will fix your entire business? Well, it’s not that easy, and it should not be seen as such. Let’s unpack the nuances of SEO and how you can use it to better your digital presence and get you moving in the right direction.

Firstly, do we all understand what SEO is?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the practice of applying strategies that will optimize your position in Google, which will, in turn, increase visibility and subsequent traffic. If you think it sounds simple, you would actually be wrong. To find an entire SEO agency devoted only to this channel alone is not uncommon; in fact, it’s usually where you will see the greatest cut through. There is nothing stopping an internal resource from conducting their own SEO strategy, but it’s likely they will not stay on top of the forever-changing rules and algorithms set out by Google.

Can brands impede their own SEO success

This is again why an SEO agency will serve you best. It might seem like the greatest idea to bid on your brand name keywords, but that is likely not what your market is searching for. Similarly, your USP’s might not be viable in the market with brands wasting their precious character count on Meta descriptions that dive into the history of the brand. SEO is about putting your brand in front of as many people as possible, but it is also about complying with the searches of your market. The brand tone is incredibly important, and a way to define yourself in an over-crowded market. Although some brands with very strict brand guidelines may need to be more flexible when it comes to keyword and on-page recommendations.

How soon until you see results?

A common question is how long does SEO take to work? Like any marketing exercise, it’s about building a brand one brick at a time. For Google to recognize your improved authority and award a higher ranking, you shouldn’t expect to see too much growth in the first couple of months. If it were a quick fix job, then more people would reach the top spot. If you are engaging an SEO agency, have a deep discussion about your overall goals in this space so that both parties can flag any interruptions or unrealistic expectations early on.

What impacts SEO

SEO has many items under its umbrella, with link building holding the focus of businesses serious about visibility. Link building is about increasing the volume of links to your website and making sure the pages and domains that make those links are in a good standing themselves. If Forbes were to make a link to your website in an article, this would impact your ranking and domain authority as Google recognizes Forbes as an authoritative domain source. In an ideal scenario, you want to be pumping out lots of high-quality links. There are also changes you can make to your existing website in the way of on-page SEO. This can be achieved by increasing the keyword density and making sure those keywords are contextually relevant.

We all know SEO works, but there are many factors to discuss in determining the success and setting your business up to receive that success. If you are still unsure on what it entails and how it can add value to your business, contact an SEO agency to give you the full list of the items they could offer to increase your visibility.