We use social media in every moment of our lives. We no longer just use it to communicate, we even decide what to buy with social media. Modern sites like the casino GGBet allow us to share with our friends even the rewards we win and the games we play. That is why it is not surprising that awards ceremonies are held for a technology that affects our lives so much. Every year, ceremonies for social media are held in different parts of the world, and individuals and institutions that use this technology in the most efficient way are awarded. We have selected the most famous of these awards for you and listed them below.

The Shorty Awards

This award is given to people who produce content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch platforms. It was first organized for Twitter in 2008, and over the years, popular social media platforms have become a part of the ceremony. (As a matter of fact, the TikTok category was added in 2020.) The awards ceremony is held every year in spring and is broadcast live. Contrary to popular belief, those who produce useful content are rewarded, not the people with the most followers.

The Shorty Awards is organized by Greg Galant, Adam Varga, and Lee Semel. In some categories, users decide who will win by voting on Twitter. Among the people attending the event are famous names such as Rick Sanchez, MC Hammer, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Shaquille O’Neal. The award ceremony in 2020 was held virtually and broadcast in real-time.

Streamy Awards

The Streamy Awards have been held since 2009 and distribute awards in 45 different categories. Focusing heavily on online videos, this ceremony not only rewards content quality but also directing, acting, producing, and writing. In this context, it is possible to say that they are “social media Oscars”. Created by Drew Baldwin, Brady Brim-DeForest, and Marc Hustvedt, this event is held annually in Los Angeles and streamed live on YouTube. We can say that every ceremony is quite magnificent, as it is organized by the team that organizes the Golden Globe Awards.

Webby Awards

Webby Awards are not just for social media. However, as it describes itself as “excellence on the internet”, social media is also included in the ceremony, and awards are given in this category. There are two winners in each category, and one is chosen by the jury and the other by the users. Winners are only allowed to make a five-word speech. Webby has been held for 25 years, and it is a ceremony known as the “Internet’s Highest Honor”. In 2020, 610 Webby awards were distributed in different categories.

GLAAD Media Awards

GLAAD is short for “Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation,” and it has been organized since 1990. It is considered one of the oldest social media awards with its 30-year history. As the name suggests, it is given to those who best represent the LGBT community in creative industries such as social media, TV, music, theater, and cinematography. The winners are determined by a 600-person jury, and the event is supported by global brands such as Delta, Wells Fargo, and P&G.

Global Social Awards

This event has two important differences from the others. First of all, it’s organized separately in each country – that’s why it’s named “global”. In other words, a separate award ceremony is organized in France and in Italy, for example, and only individuals and institutions in that country can participate. The second difference is that it has only 4 categories and only gives awards to influencers. The award categories consist of Fun & Entertainment, Social Impact & Change, Inspiration & Influence, and Rising Star. Each year, candidates are determined in December, and awards are distributed in April of the following year. To be a candidate, you must have at least 100,000 followers on any social media platform. (For the Rising Star category, this limit is 50,000 followers.)

Story Clash Awards

This event is organized by an institution that performs social media analysis and covers European countries. The awards are distributed to those who achieved the highest benchmark results on social media. In other words, the amount of interaction and the number of followers are taken into account rather than content quality. There are interesting categories like Fashion Brands & Retailer, Beauty & Personal Care, and Automotive International. If you are wondering who reached the highest numbers on social media, just follow the Story Clash Awards.

While there are many more people and institutions that hold an award ceremony for social media, the ones we listed above are the biggest. By following them, you can easily find out who is the most successful on social media each year. We also recommend that you watch these ceremonies live, as they are at least as spectacular and impressive as the Oscar ceremonies.