Bellabeat Leaf Nature fitness tracker

Fitness bracelets like that are not uncommon in the modern world, but they hardly fit the elegant style of a modern woman. Such bracelets are for the gym but not for work or social events. The solution was found by Bellabeat which created the Bellabeat Leaf Nature fitness tracker that can fit a business suit or an evening dress. An ignorant observer would never guess that this is a fitness tracker, not a piece of jewelry.

Bellabeat Leaf Nature can be worn around the neck, hung on a chain, attached to clothing with a clip, and the tracker can be worn on the wrist like all fitness bracelets.

The appearance of this fitness bracelet is not the only thing to get excited about. This gadget will still be useful for its functionality which is designed for women. So, the gadget is able to track the menstrual cycle, monitor the level of stress, and assist in meditation. In addition, it has a number of features specific to all fitness bracelets, such as a pedometer, a calorie counter, and a smart alarm clock. Another advantage of the tracker is the absence of the need to charge it – it has a battery installed which lasts for half a year of use. The disadvantage is the lack of the popular function of the heart rate monitor; apparently, this is the sacrifice that was made in the benefit of the gorgeous appearance of the gadget.

Smart scales YUNMAI

What modern woman does not watch her calories and does not get all emotional and depressed when she sees that she gained a pound or two after yesterday’s cake? Modern smart scales not only show weight but also measure the level of adipose, muscular, and bone tissue in the body. Allowing thereby to determine how much fat was gained as a result of the active eating of sweets and how much of it was dumped as a result of training and diet.

YUNMAI smart scales can do all that and not only that: they measure 10 body characteristics on the basis of which you can build a diet, an exercise plan, and much more. The main advantage of these scales is record cheapness with huge functionality which is surprisingly accurate; the cost of analogs is 3-5 times higher than that of YUNMAIN Smart Scales.

Smart sensor for Xiaomi Smart Flower

For all women, coziness is a very important thing that has to be present in a house which is created in part by flowers so loved by many young ladies. In order to simplify the process of growing a flower as much as possible, a special gadget for girls was created which monitors the state of the plant – Xiaomi Smart Flower and Plant Monitor.

It has four main features:

  • determination of the temperature surrounding a flower;
  • measurement of light that a flower gets;
  • soil moisture measurement;
  • determination of soil mineralization, this will help you with choosing the best soil out there.

MyHydrate Drunk Water Tracker

Everyone knows that you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day in order to maintain the optimum water balance. But in the bustle of our days, you often forget to drink the required amount of water, which leads to distraction and forgetfulness; a person becomes tired, depressed and even annoyed.

In order to never forget about water and be in good shape, the MyHydrate drunk water tracker was invented which counts the amount of fluid consumed and reminds that you haven’t drunk water in a while. This gadget will be very useful to those that get caught up in work or other things, forgetting about the need to eat and drink.

Baby Heart Rate Monitor Shell

Another product from Bellabeat is a gadget for pregnant women, 18+ weeks. With it, you can hear a baby’s heartbeat in a womb and share it with family and friends; you can even save these recordings for the future.

Baby Heart Rate Monitor Shell is a docking station for the iPhone; the entire 6th and 7th line is supported. At the time of writing, almost all the gadgets were sold out. The main disadvantage of the gadget is that it can only work with the iPhone, no other gadgets are currently supported.

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