Here’s How Smart Marketers Utilize Web Scraping


Marketers will agree with us that planning and crafting growth-centric strategies that drive results is not an easy task. A lot goes behind the scenes – from conducting market analysis to beating competitors’ performance – a range of factors need to be taken care of.

What if we say that you can easily handle a major part of your requirements with the help of a web scraper that will extract and sort all the data for you? Sounds technical, and you already feel skeptical about it?

Get rid of all these intuitions and start employing web scraping in your current marketing strategies, believe us, you won’t be disappointed, especially when there are many providers out there that can help you to do that. Before we delve deeper and talk about various advantages of web scraping in marketing, let’s discuss what web scraping is.

What is Web Scraping?

So you came across a wonderful piece of content that you will like to pass on to your content writer to take inspiration from? Or do you want to extract the contact information of your prospects to target them accurately?

This is what web scraping helps you achieve. It is an automated process wherein data is extracted from the target websites efficiently and quickly. Web scraping scrapes data from a website or portal, irrespective of its size, and feed it to your database in a format of your choice, thus helping you make well-educated decisions based on the insights derived from the data.

It is this usefulness of web scraping which inspires marketers to employ web scraping in their marketing strategies. Let’s explore the related use-cases in detail.

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Use Cases of Web Scraping in Marketing

  • Intelligence gathering for content marketers

Content marketers could use web scraping for several initiatives. For instance, to discover guest blogging opportunities, find a freelance writer, explore collaboration possibilities, and curate content from multiple sources on the go.

  • Monitoring customer sentiments

Customer sentiments are important and can make or break your product or services. This is why it makes sense to keep a close eye on what your customers are saying. Track their feedback and reviews with the help of web scraping.

You can organize all the content in a spreadsheet and even compare different reviews based on the usage of keywords in them.

  • Price monitoring

One of the key differentiators in today’s e-commerce world is the price. Customers won’t think twice before switching if they can discover better prices products elsewhere. This is why more and more businesses are keeping track of the pricing strategies of their competitors. However, manually keeping a tab on pricing is not feasible as prices keep on changing dynamically.

This is when web scraping makes price monitoring a pleasant experience. You can run automated bots, let’s say, twice or thrice a day, and monitor the pricing trends of your competitors.

  • Reach out to effective influencers

If you want to collaborate with influencers in your niche to build an effective following, web scraping can, again, prove to be an ideal solution. Simply scrape information from major social media channels – discover who has the most followers, who drive the most engagement, who interacts with their fans regularly, who accepts paid promotions, and so on.

Extracting information related to all these aspects will help you in selecting the best influencers based on your requirements.

  • Generate leads

You might not have seen this coming, but web scraping can help you in generating leads effortlessly. Undoubtedly, lead generation is one of the most painstaking tasks for most marketers. Web scraping can ease off the burden from your shoulders by generating leads from social media channels, email addresses on websites, business networking sites, and more.

Not only are the leads gathered this way high in quality, but well-targeted too.

Gentle Reminder: Scrape Mindfully!

Although web scraping is an amazing process and can inspire you to scrape a lot of information on the go, it is highly recommended to be mindful of the customers’ data. Keep the website’s scraping policies in mind, and don’t overburden a website for your benefit with your scraping bots.

The Next Steps

As is evident, web scraping has emerged to be a necessary technique. It is not meant just for data scientists, engineers, and other tech-geeks, but it can also come to the rescue of marketers and assist them in their marketing initiatives.

If you are interested in building your own web scraping system then having a high-quality proxy network is key to being able to reliably scrape at scale. This list breaks down some of the best dedicated and shared proxy providers for web scraping, so you can find the best provider for your needs.

What are your views on this? How do you embed web scraping in your marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below.