When conducting a construction – be it building an apartment, office, and other facilities – on a site, one of the factors that would be on your mind is fencing. There is a sense of fulfillment you get when you view temporary fencing go up on your block of land. It means that your construction is in progress; your dream is finally becoming a reality. In this article, we have laid out details of what you need to know about temporary fence hire and its benefits.

Do you really need a temporary fence? Yes, it is important to have it on your landed property. Prior to completing your project, you may need to contain your land. This is before the final wall will be erected. In the meantime, you need to fence your property against intruders and map the outline of your land. By doing so, you would also be protecting your project.

Most states demand that you install a temporary fence in compliance with OH&S requirements. This is legally stated under council regulation.

Who Is Responsible For Temporary Fencing Payment?

Most individuals get confused when it comes to paying to hire a temporary fence for their landed properties. If you are solely building your apartment, then the financial responsibility of hiring a temporary fence would rest on you. On the other hand, if your home is being built via a licensed home builder, you wouldn’t need to pay to rent a temporary fence as it will be incorporated into your contract.

You need to check your contract thoroughly to ensure that it is covered in it. In a situation where it is included in the contract but you see no sign of a fence in the midst of the construction, then you need to demand the immediate hiring and erection of one.

Time Frame Needed To Leave Your Temporary Fence Standing And The Cost

Your temporary fence can be left up as long as the construction is still going on. The fence can stand from the time the slabs of the foundation are being laid to the period where the door locks are installed. Depending on the house you are constructing, it may take six months for a single storey house or a year for a double-storey.

Another factor to consider is the amount that will be spent on hiring the fence. What amount of fence would be needed for the land size? For a fence that covers all four sides of the land, a measurement of approximately 100lm (lineal meter) would be needed. For three sides, you may need a temporary fence of approximately 80lm and 20lm for one side.

Once the original hire duration expires, you may incur further costs like:

  • The cost of re-hiring each month, especially when the project takes longer than expected.
  • Repair or replacement cost, in a situation where some items are stolen, missing or damaged.

Benefits Of Hiring A Temporary Fence

There are several benefits of hiring a temporary fence. One of the benefits of renting a fence is that the mobile fencing company would help deliver, install, and remove the fence. It implies that you have access to professional services for your fencing project.

Another perk of hiring a mobile fence is that you can easily change your fence based on the project you are working on. Also, you can easily order the specific fence you need for any construction needs.

Renting a fence is cost-effective as well. You do not need to pay much in cost as compared to building your own fence. This is ideal when you have other projects at hand that need to be completed.

Construct your facility with ease and peace of mind with the aid of a temporary fence, pending when you build walls around your property. If you would need help hiring a mobile fence, please visit this link: Hire Rite fence hire Sydney.