For the thrill-seekers, camping presents a great opportunity to take your camping gear. There are suitable places around the world waiting to be explored. But the biggest problem comes when you don’t have the proper gear to use in your adventure. That said, there is nothing better than having rooftop tents. These tents that you can pitch on top of your car have become popular with ground-dwelling campers. If you are looking for a rooftop tent, then here is what you should consider before buying one.

The importance of a roof-top tent

Rooftop tents are quite popular because of many reasons. One of the key reasons is that they are easy to set up, meaning camping can be a lot trouble-free. Besides coming with a built-in mattress which gives you more room in your car, these tents can make you feel safer and keep warm while camping. Remember that rooftop tents are elevated and don’t get waterlogged during a rainfall.

It also makes sense to get a rooftop tent because you can set it up just almost anywhere. Above all, they are ideal for a road trip. Imagine, you can take them with you even when you’re moving from one place to another and set them up wherever your car can go. Whether you want to go for a weekend trip, move from one beach to another, or looking for any outdoor adventure, rooftop tents are perhaps your best choice.

Key considerations before choosing a roof-top tent

These tents have various features, making it difficult to choose the right one that meets your needs. Therefore, consider the following factors before buying a rooftop tent:

Size of roof-top tents

These tents are a huge purchase considering their sizes. Most of them are a bit weighty, so it’s important to make sure that your car’s factory rack or roof can carry the load. But if it’s not, then consider buying a stronger aftermarket rack.

Aside from the consideration of your budget, it’s likely that fuel efficiency for your vehicle will decline, meaning you have to add extra money to the costs of gas. The good news is that with a rooftop tent, you will be saving lots of money by avoiding paying for hotel rooms.

Types of roof-top tents

There are two types of roof-top tents which are hard shells and soft shells. Hard shells are regarded as those with hard outdoor shells, normally made from either aluminum or fiberglass. They are not only stronger but also easier to set up, and open.

Hard shells are more durable than soft shells, so it’s not surprising that they are quite expensive. Remember that fiberglass or aluminum can add a lot of weight to your vehicle, which can increase the gas costs.

On the other hand, softshells look like a ground tent, and they are usually made from poly cotton ripstop material. These tents weigh pretty less than the hard shells, and they give you a variety of options in style and are great in quality.

Depending on your needs, it’s advisable to go for a brand that you know you can trust. This is because both the hard shells and soft shells are excellent rooftop tents. Simply put, both these types of tents are reliable and solid tents that can last you for a long time.